Twitch Streamer Faces Backlash After Going On A Rant About "Ugly Chatters"

During her broadcast, a female streamer started blasting “ugly chatters” telling her to play a game. Since then, she received a ton of backlash calling her out for her unhinged statements.

Outragous Girl Streamer
Look at her complaining | © MISSPBJ via Twitch

On January 28, Twitch streamer MISSPBJ has received a ton of backlash following her statements she made after a chatter suggested that she should play a game.

In her rant, she insulted the people in her chat multiple times, calling them "retarded" and also just having the WORST takes broadcasted in a while!

MISSPBJ is a female streamer that most of the time can be found in the "Just Chatting" category, having gathered more than 175,000 followers.

Female Streamer Criticized For Comments Against A Chatter

During her stream, a chatter suggested for MISSPBJ to play a game, which apparently was the worst insult imaginable to her.

She therefore reacted totally appropriately, saying "“I hope that you get ran over”. I guess it can be annoying for streamers if viewers criticize your content, but wishing for them to get run over? Come on.

The streamer didn't stop there, though, as she continued to self-destruct her career, by bombarding her chat with a whole combo of insults and opinions that normally get you canceled.

Just so you get the gist of it, here are some of her enlightening revelations: "like chatters that I thought were not mentally retarded, but look at them be full mentally retarded".

As a streamer, your income depends on your viewership, so why would you go out of your way to insult them and drive them away? This is the streamer equivalent of the new Velma TV series.

But wait, there's more, she also goes into her definitely scientific epiphany, that: "If you're a man, and you use the frowning crying face, you're gay". Yep, she actually said that...

Not only is all of that blatantly toxic and completely baseless, it also shows her entitlement, as she in no way shape or form seems to care about the feelings of the people she insults with her statements.

MISSPBJ won't stop there, though, as she continues: "Can I just say one thing?" Sadly, it looks like nobody was able to stop her from digging her own grave even deeper.

"Like men aren't supposed to really feel like, sad. Like back in the war days, you used to have to kill people. Why the f*ck are you sad?"

The clip has since been posted multiple times on Twitter, with people calling out her behavior.

Some say she ruined her career, some say she was probably joking, and some other just laughing about how delusional her statements are.

Whether this will have any consequences for her career is not certain, as there are even people defending her actions.

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