Velma Is Not "Woke", Just Bad | Season 2 Confirmed Despite Backlash

Another amazing franchise goes down as a woke nightmare. Velma destroys everything we love about Scooby-Doo and of course it gets a second season.

Velma logo
Just thinking of a second seaon of Velma makes me cry | © HBO

Time to address the Internet’s collective nightmare that came out on HBO Max this weekend: The Velma show. The show broke us, it was that bad.

We were promised an animated series of the Scooby-Gang for adults with a focus on Velma. Honestly the thought isn’t that bad as a lot of us Scooby fans have grown up, but whatever just premiered is not Scooby-Doo and the horror won’t end with one season.

Reportedly Velma has already been renewed for a second season, even though we fans are crying out.

Executive Producer and Voice actress of the titular character, Mindy Kaling, thanked fans on Twitter for it being the biggest animated series, as if HBO didn't cancel every other one.

Velma: An Insult To Scooby-Doo

So why are we Scooby fans so bothered with this series? Well my list is very long, but here are the biggest offenders.

To start, Scooby-Doo isn’t in the series. A part of me can only be grateful of the fact that our beloved dog doesn’t have to endure this. Though making the franchise more mature shouldn’t mean removing a central character. No one liked that.

What enrages me even more are the character assassinations happening here. There is no way you will recognize any of these people from our childhood show. They behave like impostors, who just look like them.

Velma Fred
Look how they massacred my boy! :'( | © HBO

The worst victim of this is resident himbo Fred. My man has always been a kind and respectful gentleman. Apparently, someone took offense to that and made him a whiny misogynistic white man. Yup, I just summarized his whole personality in the show. Why would you do this?

Honestly, it feels more as if they needed to make him “evil”, because he wasn’t race swapped. But instead, all we wanted was Fred supporting his friends. Even if you really want to add diversity to the main cast, you don’t have to bash the other characters without a change.

By the way, Daphne now sells drugs. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Velma isn’t the smart one anymore, so she gets her homework from Shaggy lookalike Norville. That sounds like a bad joke, but somehow, it’s our reality.

I could talk for hours on how they messed everyone up. The core of the problem is, that this show disguises itself as Scooby-Doo and then destroys the dynamic of the team everyone loved.

Jokes Are Supposed To Be Funny

Velma fire
This describes my feelings on the show pretty well | © HBO

Another thing making my eyes roll every few seconds are the horrible and cringy jokes. Writing team, you can be funny without constantly breaking the fourth wall or humping on your “wokeness”. I just want to watch my peeps solve crimes, not a never stopping social commentary.

To illustrate my point here is a direct quote, said by Velma in the show:

Minorities on TV can only deal drugs to escape poverty.

Oh, don't worry. I got another one to share.

The truth without a filter like every comedian before #Metoo

In conclusion, nothing is wrong with creating a diverse show. But if you take beloved characters and turn them into something else, while barraging your viewers with some political agenda, don’t be surprised if we hate it. It has nothing to do with canceling “woke” things. When you create something crappy, deal with the consequences.