EA FC 24 New Zealand Trick: How To Play The Game Before Everyone Else

The 'New Zealand Trick' is a simple method that lets you play EA FC 24 almost a day before it is officially released in your timezone. We'll be providing you with a detailed guide to help you get real early access and kick off your Ultimate Team season. You can access EA FC 24 now!

EA FC 24 Early Access New Zealand
EA FC 24: With the New Zealand-trick you can start your next FIFA chapter before everyone else does – at least on Xbox. | ©Electronic Arts, EarlyGame

The Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24 will be released at September 22, the Standard Edition follows a week later at September 29. We all want to get our hands on the new FIFA as soon as possible and grab ourselves the Early Access for EA FC 24.

There is a way for you to play the new EA game a whopping 19 hours before the actual release. Here's how.

EA FC 24: Early Access With The New Zealand Trick

The Ultimate Edition for EA FC 24 will be published on 12 AM on September 22. Due to different timezones worldwide, you can use this to your benefit to start playing earlier.

You should download the game before the release, so you can start playing the second the game is live. Here are more information:

Play EA FC 24 Today Thanks To Different Time Zones

EA will release the Game at 12 AM worldwide. Logically, 12 AM in New Zealand is much "earlier" than 12 AM in the US or UK. Whereas the game will be released on midnight in the night from September 21 to September 22 in New Zealand, it will arrive in the morning hours of September 21 in the US. Here's a list of all the possible start times thanks to the New Zealand Trick:

Country/RegionTimezoneStarting Time
New ZealandNZST12AM (September 22)
Central EuropeCEST2PM
United KingdomBST1PM

United States

United StatesPT5AM

You can use the New Zealand release to your advantage and start playing the game before its official release. This is especially benefitial in FUT, where each and every minute matters. But unfortunately there is a big catch.

EA FC 24 Early Access Start Times
EA FC 24: Start times for the new FIFA 24. | © EA Sports

How You Can Use The New Zealand Time Trick For EA FC 24

This whole procedure really only makes sense for Xbox players. You need to change your region (and thereby your time) to New Zealand. On Microsoft's Xbox this is an easy task. Meanwhile, PlayStation players need to set up a new, New Zealand-bound Account. And switching back from this account to your standard account after the release isn't a simple thing to do.

Forfeiting your account just for this Early Access isn't really worth it. But don't throw your head in the sand if you are a PlayStation player: With the Web App you can start grinding FUT earlier as well.

For the Xbox players, there is a step-by-step guide on how to play EA FC 24 on September 21, if you have bought the Ultimate Edition. This will work for the Standard Edition as well on September 28. If something changes about that, we will keep you updated here.

  • Go to your Settings in the Xbox Main Menu (that's the gear wheel in the top right corner)
  • Scroll down to "System"
  • Select "Language & Location"
  • Change the Location in your Settings to New Zealand
  • Restart your console, only then your Settings will be saved

Congratulations, now you can play EA FC 24 a couple of hours early. After the official release in your timezone, you can just switch back to your region in the settings.

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