EA Sports FC Cover Predictions: Who Will Replace Mbappé?

With the end of the FIFA series, we won't see a FIFA 24 cover in the usual EA style. Instead, the rebranding to EA Sports FC is underway. We ask ourselves: who will be the new face of EAFC? These are our EA Sports FC cover predictions.

EA Sports FC Cover Predictions Leaks
Predictions: How could the new EA Sports FC cover look like? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

EA Sports – it'sinthegame. We probably will still hear this intro once we start the new EA football simulation this year. But there are so many things that will change. Well, first and foremost we'll have to get used to the new name EA Sports FC, which will probably be shortened to EAFC very soon. And we have to get used to the new logo that will be on the EAFC covers around the world.

After Kylian Mbappé's hat trick as the cover star, we think it's time to change things up again this year. You've come to the right place if you want to check out some cover predictions for the new FIFA. We expect EA to do something amazing – like some legendary covers from the past:

FIFA 24 Cover Predictions: Who Will Be The First New Face Of EA Sports FC?

We created five options for you, ranked by what cover we would like to see the most. It starts with the least creative option, though.

5. Kylian Mbappé

Yeah, Mbappé wouldn't get us tooooo hyped to be fair. If we really have to see him again, then he better make a move in the summer and leave Paris Saint-Germain for good. Sorry to the PSG fans out there, but we would simply love to see him as the new Karim Benzema in a Real Madrid kit – or in the Premier League.

Anyway: we don't really expect him to be the face of the EA game for the fourth time in a row. Not even Lionel Messi had this honor. But maybe Mbappé will be on the cover of the football game that the FIFA wants to make.

EA Sports FC Cover Mbappe
EA Sports FC cover prediction: Mbappé after his potential move away from PSG... | © EA Sports/EarlyGame/Mbappe

4. Alisha Lehmann

After Sam Kerr was the first woman on a FIFA cover ever, and there are also rumors that FUT in EAFC could include women. We think that a woman on the cover would make a very strong statement.

Well, Alisha Lehmann is definitely creating a buzz in the football world right now and was already included with her own collection in FIFA 23. Certainly fitting. But we could also imagine Alexia Putellas – as EA forgot her in FIFA 22 – to make it up to her for the fail from back then.

EA Sports FC Cover Alisha Lehmann
EA Sports FC cover with a star from women's football: Alisha Lehmann. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame/Aston Villa

3. Gavi & Bellingham

Another option for EA would be to search for the next Mbappé: young, talented up-and-coming stars of the future. With Gavi as winner of the Kopa Trophy and Jude Bellingham as shooting star of Europe (probably not in a Dortmund kit, we could imagine) both of them would be a nice fit for the cover.

There are certainly other young candidates as well: Pedri, Jamal Musiala, Eduardo Camavinga and many more – but maybe EA will also take a different route and choose two legends of the game, as long as they are still on the pitch...

EA Sports FC Cover Bellingham Gavi
Will EA go for the next shooting stars in the world of football to represent their new game? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

2. Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo

The most iconic cover of all time would be those two GOATS together. Well, since Messi won the World Cup, this discussion might already be over...

We created a version of what the new Ultimate Edition might look like. Goat Edition:

EA Sports FC Cover Messi
Lionel Messi as World Cup champion on the EA Sports FC cover: consider us buying the game as CD – just to have this in our shelves. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

But we are not here to debate on this. Simply look at this potential Ronaldo cover in a bit more comicy style and tell us you would not immediately pre-order the new game. Actual chills.

But we also have somebody in mind who might have the best chances of becoming EA's new cover star...

EA Sports Cover Ronaldo
Would you prefer an EA Sports FC cover with CR7? | © EA Sports/EarlyGaem

1. Erling Haaland

Yip. Manchester City's world-class goal-scoring machine makes his opponents quiver in fear while tearing apart former records. Not much more to be said about this Norwegian force of nature. He represents success no matter which club he's played for.

So, maybe he will join the EA Football Club and be the next poster boy for the upcoming years, just like Mbappé before.

We are curious to find out who will be the new face alongside David Beckham for EAFC.

EA Sports Cover Haaland
The candidate we almost expect as new face of EA Sports: Erling Haaland. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame/Erling Haaland via Twitter