Release Prediction: When Will We See The First EA Sport FC Trailer?

The reveal trailer is always the first trailer where we can see the first scenes from the next FIFA. However, this year we're waiting for the EA Sports FC trailer as the game is being rebranded by EA. A look at the past few years gives a clue about the release date for the first EA FC trailer.

EA Sports FC Reveal Trailer FIFA 24
EA Sports FC Trailer: When will we see the reveal for the new FIFA? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

The king is dead, long live the king. Or something like that... because in summer 2023 we won't get another FIFA trailer after 30 years, but a trailer for EA Sports FC for the first time. After the ending of the contract with the World Football Association, EA is going its own way and will launch a new game. All important information can be found here:

There is no doubt that we will see a new trailer this summer. Leaker FUTZone announced a reveal in June 2023 on Twitter. But as we can tell you from experience: FUTZone might have more than 100k followers – but has spread false information and leaks about the EA game.

It kinda looks like this tweet is a bit over the top as well... a teaser trailer would at least be a novelty. But since it will be a new game, everything is possible. However, we can narrow the release period down more exactly for you.

FIFA 24 Trailer: Possible EA Sports FC Trailer Release Date Revealed

We might see another FIFA trailer in summer, too. But not from EA, since FIFA wants to publish their own game. Smh.

A look at the recent release dates for FIFA trailers gives an indication of when we can expect the first trailer for EA Sports FC. The Canadians will certainly need time to perfect their new game so that the first year without the four iconic and eponymous letters can be started as smooth as possible.

So if we consult the latest FIFA reveals, we don't expect an (early) release in June – but we think we'll see the first EA FC trailer in July.

FIFA Reveal Trailer: Release Dates From Recent Years

The list of the first FIFA trailers of the last four years shows: It looks like we have to wait until mid-late July.

FIFAReveal Trailer Release
FIFA 2006/08/2019
FIFA 2107/23/2020
FIFA 2207/11/2021
FIFA 2307/20/2022
EA Sports FC 24July 2023 (Prediction)

After the reveal trailer, more specific trailers for gameplay, new features or changes in FUT usually follow.

Check out the reveal trailer for FIFA 23:

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