Corner Tutorial for FIFA 22

Scoring a goal after a corner in FIFA 22? It's not that difficult at all. We have the ultimate corner tutorial for you!
FIFA 22 Eckball Corner Tutorial
What is the best corner tactic? | © EA Sports

In FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, corners were really bad. But that's over now. In FIFA 22, you just need to know the right tactics to force a last-minute win. So now we have a helpful tutorial for you.

Corner Tutorial for FIFA 22

There are different tactics to scoring a corner goal, but we'll introduce them all to you. The first one is really straightforward: Take a look at the picture above, you would want to get the ball to Levante's number 9, i.e. to the second post. You can easily steer there with the left stick and then hit the ball with a lot of power. Then you shouldn't try to score the goal via a head, but rather head back into the penalty area (so press X). There are always 1-2 players ready to score the goal from there.

Before we get to the best tactic, one tip: simply bringing the ball into the box and then trying to score the goal can also be effective. We have already celebrated a number of successes with this "tactic" - so keep that in mind!

As for the other variant: Before the game, go to Tactics, and, for corners, only set one bar. As soon as you then get a corner, press R1 to have a player walk straight to the corner. Then you play a short pass to him and pass the ball in the back. Due to your tactics, a player is already there. And then it's time to shoot!

Make sure you hit the ball just right. Finesse, power - it doesn't matter. Of course, since the patch, Finesse is no longer so sick, but long-range shots are still OP in FIFA 22. So this method is just sick. Oh, and here we have another crazy tactic for you:

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