Free Kick and Penalty Tutorial for FIFA 22

Did you miss a penalty in the Weekend League and the ball just wouldn't go past the goalkeeper on free kicks? Then we have the solution for you in this article: We explain how you can become unbeatable in both situations.
FIFA 22 Penalty Freekick Guide Tutorial Elfmeter Freistoß
It's not that difficult... | © EA Sports

You're in the Weekend League on penalties and you can still move up a rank if you win. Then you miss the decisive penalty. Frustration, sadness, broken controller. These are situations that you no longer have to experience after reading this article. We'll show you how to score every penalty and every free kick. Let's go!

Free Kick and Penalty Tutorial for FIFA 22

Let's start with the supposedly easier situation: the penalty. Just like in FIFA 21, you have the white circle available to aim precisely. Of course, you have to make good use of it again now. Choose the right penalty taker before the game, then the circle will be smaller and the probability that you will score the penalty is higher.

About the tutorial: You use your left index finger and thumb for the left stick. The index finger on top of the stick and the thumb on the bottom. Then you have perfect control to direct the white circle. What are you doing next? You steer the circle exactly into the corner, i.e. into the upper, right or left corner. Then you just have to shoot (not too strong, of course, two lines roughly) and you score the goal. Nice right? Never sweat again on penalties, concentrate fully on chasing the ball into the corner. If you also want a plan B that is more connected to Bugs, take a look at this video:

Don't worry, the free kicks are also relatively easy. The process is pretty similar: you take your left index finger and thumb again and steer exactly into the corner (always shoot into the far corner). Then you shoot with about three lines and then the free kick comes pretty well. You can do it even better by using the time finish. Yes, that's just meta in FIFA 22...

If you hit the green time finish and steer exactly as we explained to you, you can already celebrate while the ball is in the air.

If your Weekend League didn't go that well, we have another guide for you here:

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