FIFA 22: FUT Trading Tips | Make Coins Fast

FIFA Ultimate Team has always been pay-to-win. But with our trading tips, you don't have to spend real money to build a powerful FUT team.
How to make Coins The Fut Accountant
How to make coins in FUT 22. | © The FUT Accountant

You wonder why everyone else has a killer team full of special cards, and you don't? Please don't do this then: buy FIFA Points! EA is already such a rich company; you don't need to keep on feeding them. With our trading tips, you can build your own competitive FUT team.

Before I start with the guide, we need to make one thing clear: Trading is time-consuming. So, you'll have to really grind to get a lot of coins out of it. Players like Mbappé, Messi and Co don't pay for themselves!

FIFA 22: FUT Trading Tips – Make Coins Fast

To become a trading pro, you first need to understand the FUT transfer market. The prices of players are determined by supply and demand and are therefore dynamic. And where money is made, some is lost. So, be aware that some investments will not work out, and you will also incur losses.

However, this is part of being a trading beginner. With this article, we want to help you build a great FUT team without buying FIFA points. Think about it: A Gold Pack costs €2,49. That is absurd! And the chance to get a good player, let alone a great special card, is far in the decimal places.

FIFA Ultimate Team how to make coins fast
How to get coins... FAST! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FUT Trading Tips: Sniping Players

Sniping cards from the transfer market might not be trading in that sense, but just smart shopping. Because there are more than enough gamers out there who put cards on the market way too cheap. And that's where you come in. Don't try to buy a player in the current auction, but always look for the cheapest buy-it-now price. In doing so, you will have to update the market every second until a card is freshly offered.

It will be quite often the case that objects are offered far below value, because the sellers have no idea. Also pay attention to the chemistry style on the card, because these versions are worth more than the normal ones. Especially with the Hunter chemistry style you can make a lot of profit.

FUT Trading Tips: Bronze and Silver Players

Bronze and silver players are rarely used. But there are scenarios where certain players become really expensive. For some SBCs or Objectives you need Bronze or Silver cards, which then become really expensive. You will be surprised, but there are quite a few cards that are worth more than 5,000 coins.

So, always check the requirements for SBCs and Objectives and snipe the appropriate players, which are often simply non-rare cards.

FUT Trading Tips: Open Bronze and Silver Player Packs

Bronze and Silver packs are the cheapest packs in Ultimate Team. But these packs contain unimaginable wealth! Well, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration. But try this out for real. Open a bronze and a silver pack, compare the prices of all the items, put them on the market, and then calculate whether you made a profit or a loss.

Due to the low prices of the packs, you only need one player worth 500 coins – and you're in the black.

FUT Trading Tips: SBC Fodder

We are slowly but surely getting into the final phase of FIFA 22. After the TOTY the game traditionally falls into a small hole, and that's when you need to strike. Collect SBC Fodder!

Of course, this is just a metaphor, it means players with a high OVR rating, mostly everything from 85 OVR is helpful here. Useless FIFA cards like Thomas Müller or Dani Parejo are perfect examples here. These cards are cheap and highly rated. Should a hefty icon SBC be released, many gamers will buy the SBC fodder from you.

FUT Trading Tips: Ones to Watch

The Ones to Watch cards have become an integral part of FIFA. These are players who have moved to a new club in recent transfer periods. If these players get an In Form, the OTW card is automatically upgraded.

For example: Romelu Lukaku scores three goals in a Premier League match. The chance that he will get an In Form is really high. Now it's time to grab the OTW card and sell it for a profit! But you have to be quick and buy the card during the game, because other gamers are also watching soccer.

FUT Trading Tips: Extinct Players

Since EA introduced the Price Range for FUT, a new phenomenon has developed in the game. Cards are extinct. How does this happen? An OP card is new on the market, but EA has set the price range way too low. Nobody wants to sell their cards below value, that's why some players are not available for purchase. And this happens all year round.

Now you come into play with your newly learned sniping skills. Try to scam as many extinct cards as you can – to sell them at profit when the price range is adjusted.

FUT Trading Tips: Headliner

Headliners are dynamic cards that automatically upgrade depending on the real life performance of their clubs. Here you have to trust your football knowledge and invest in the right players and clubs. The clubs have to win e.g. four games in a row, then the headliner gets an upgrade - and a price increase. We will keep you up to date about the Headliners and their ratings via this separate article.

FUT Trading Tips: Chemistry Style

Chemistry styles and position change cards are sometimes really expensive and a goldmine for traders. The most famous and at the same time, most expensive chemistry style is Hunter. But there are enough gamers who have no idea about it. When buying a card, pay attention to whether chemistries, preferably Hunter, are equipped. The seller often does not take into account the value of the chemistry style and offers the card at the normal price.

Grab this card, filter by the price of the card with Hunter and sell with profit. However, the whole thing also works the other way around. Equip cards with Hunter that are not normally found on the market (defenders). Drive the price up and voilà: Once again, you made a small but nice profit.

FUT Trading Tips: Change of position

Our ninth and final trading tip is a real loophole. Wing and central players can take several positions in the different lineups. In modern systems, coaches like to play with a wing back, i.e. an attacking full-back in a 5-man or 3-man at the back.

So LWB's are not offered on the market as LB's in the conventional variant. You simply change the LWB to a LB – and suddenly, the price increases by several hundred coins.

FIFA 22: What Makes Trading Essential

With these nine advanced trading tips you are now able to analyze the FUT market and buy a competitive team. Because you'll never make enough coins from Weekend League grind alone. It is therefore all the more important that you know how to do business in FUT.

And since we don't support the pay-to-win aspect of FUT, we want you to earn your coins fairly and spend your money outside of FIFA. And again, investing and trading always involves speculation and the risk of losing coins. But with our tips this is (almost) impossible.