FIFA 22: This is the Best Way to Invest FIFA Points

If you have the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, you also have 4600 FIFA Points available. In general, there are probably quite a few of you who buy FIFA Points, especially at the beginning. We'll show you how to invest them.
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We show you how to use your coins! | © Microsoft/EA Sports

Of course, it is not the coolest way to buy FIFA Points and use them to make coins quickly, but we can fully understand if you are simply too lazy to trade. You shouldn't blindly put the Points into packs, though, there are other ways to use them.

How To Invest FIFA Points in Ultimate Team

If you look at different YouTubers, you can see how the Points can be spent. For packs. However, you also see how quickly 10,000 points can be gone without getting a good player. So, our advice: If there are good packs in the shop, you can buy one, but in general, you should spend points differently.

FUT Draft with FIFA Points

Exactly, FUT Draft is the way to get coins on your account. But be careful! You should definitely have played some FIFA 22 matches beforehand. Otherwise, you will be very angry because you will lose a lot of time in Draft. That would be a shame for the Points. So then, when you feel ready, FUT Draft is the perfect way to go. Why? You have many advantages. On the one hand, playing drafts will make you better in FIFA 22. You get to know the gameplay and the meta extremely well there.

On the other hand, one round only costs 300 Points, but with four wins, it brings really nice packs. You get better packs with one round than with buying packs. Besides that, it's also really fun building the Drafts. It's just all about the best way to make coins, get better, and have fun in FIFA 22.

That's why you can of course buy packs with Points, but you should focus on FUT Draft.

The FIFA 22 hype is real! So take a look here:

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