PlayStation Server Down And PS Plus Expired: Why FIFA Online Isn't Working

You know it. And you probably hate it as much as we do. Whether in the Weekend League, with the rewards, or during the online season: the EA servers are down in the most annoying moments. What's happening? And when will FIFA online work again? Let's take a look.
FIFA 22 ea server down
Oh c'mon, EA! | © EA SPORTS/EarlyGame

The EA servers are currently down again, so don't be surprised that you didn't get into Ultimate Team or were kicked out of the game. And yes, be angry, something like that destroys a Weekend League rank that you have wanted to reach for a long time.

EA Server Down: Why FIFA Online Isn't Working Right Now - PlayStation & PS Plus Down

03/23/2022: There is a new system software update for the PlayStation 4 and 5, but this update causes a big problem for most players. You get an indication that your PS Plus has expired. We assure you that your PS Plus has not expired. This is a bug that Sony has unknowingly built in with the latest system software update.

Currently, you can access very few online features because of it. There is nothing wrong with your console and your internet connection, the problem lies with Sony and the system software update. There is no official statement from Sony about this problem yet. Here we have the tweet from PlayStation announcing all the new features of the update. That this update prevents online play and crashes PS Plus, probably even Sony could not know.

PlayStation Servers Down and PS Plus Expired: This Is Why FIFA 22 Is Offline

The online functions of FIFA 22 are currently unavailable because the display comes that PS Plus has expired. As already reported the problem is caused by the new system software update. So you can't play FUT at the moment, but try out the career mode. Unfortunately, that's all we can do for you.

When Will FIFA Servers Come Back Online?

On the website of downdetector, you can easily see whether the problems are increasing or decreasing. We don't work for EA, of course not, then the servers would still be running, so we can't tell you anything other than: wait. When the big run on the rewards is over, the EA servers usually continue to work normally and are no longer down.

Our tip: Take a look at our FIFA section, on which days major events are coming up. Then you can roughly estimate when the EA servers will be down.

Connection to EA Servers interrupted: What can I do?

If you see the message: "Your connection to the EA servers was interrupted. Log in again ..." Blah blah, then you actually only have the following options:

  • Check that your internet connection is active and working
  • Restart FIFA
  • Restart your console

You can hardly do more. Wait until EA gets everything back on track. Until then, you could also play offline. There are enough modes.