FIFA 22 on PS4 vs. PS5: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

We have now played FIFA 22 intensely on both consoles. So, what are the differences? Is it worth upgrading from PS4 to PS5? Let's answer that.
FIFA 22 PS4 PS5 Review
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Some play it on the PS4, others already on the PS5. When you see streams from big streamers and YouTubers, you notice that the Playstation 5 is much more popular with them. The run on the NextGen is still huge, but is the expensive upgrade worth it? Or can you still be satisfied with your well-known console? Let's take a look!

FIFA 22 on PS4 vs. PS5: What are the differences?

Let's start with the PS4. As for the menu, we're really disappointed with EA. The menu is lagging, sometimes freezing and generally damn slow. We didn't know that at all from the past few years. Unfortunately, building a Dream Squad in Ultimate Team is no fun, you sometimes feel like you're in FIFA 09 when you struggle through the menu. This is definitely different on the PS5, the menu runs smoothly, and waiting times are limited. Point for the PS5.

What about the gameplay? The PS4 handles it rather well. Sometimes unexpected lags occur, but both PS4 and PS5 have troubles with that.

Nevertheless, something like this should not happen and should be fixed for the first Weekend League. Otherwise, the gameplay is satisfactory. We notice a difference on the PS4 to FIFA 21. Bugs are the same as on the PS5 and the game is generally quite slow on the next-gen. You can definitely get excited about FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4. On the PS5, the difference is noticeable, but not by much.

The gameplay on the PS5 has fewer bugs and no lags. It can be played more fluidly, and you have the feeling that everything is working smoother. The graphics are also better on the PS5. Players are graphically processed much better, the same applies to the stadium and fans. The Ultimate Team transfer market is one and the same on the PS4 and PS5, otherwise crossplay would not be possible.

All in all, the lags in the menu are the most annoying thing on the PS4, game problems should be resolved as soon as possible. So is the upgrade worth it? If any of you play FIFA a lot, the upgrade can be worthwhile. But if you don't have the highest demands and don't play a lot every day, you are well positioned with the PS4. The gameplay is still really solid, and you can also have a lot of fun on the PlayStation 4.

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