The Squad Battles Rewards In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

If you dive into Squad Battles in Ultimate Team, you do so for the rewards. But what do the Squad Battles rewards look like in FIFA 22's Ultimate Team?
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Squad Battles Rewards Belohnungen
Sweet, sweet Rewards. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

As is so often the case, Ultimate Team is all about rewards. Whether Division Rivals, Weekend League or Squad Battles – we always want more loot. The community has been thrilled, therefore, to see how strong the FUT Rewards are this year.

But which rewards can you get at the Squad Battles? How many ranks are there, and what can you expect from the top ranks? Don't worry. We have everything under control and give you an overview of all Squad Battles rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Squad Battles Rewards – When Them Do We Get The?

Squad Battles don't depend on being completed at a certain time. But you receive the rewards every Sunday at 9:05 AM GMT (10:05 CET). Strange time... but rewards are rewards - and we aren't complaining. After rewards are distributed, you can go right into challenging Squad Battles again for the next week's rewards.

Squad Battles Rewards in FIFA 22

Even if you're not a fan of Squad Battles, you can at least play your way up to bronze. There, you will get the following rewards:



Bronze 3one Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
Bronze 2one Gold Pack
Bronze 1two Gold Packs and 500 coins

With a little more effort, significantly better rewards can be earned in silver. In addition to the packs, you also get some coins:

Silber 3one Premium Gold Pack, one Gold Pack and 1,000 coins
Silber 2two Premium Gold Packs, one Gold Pack and 2,000 coins
Silber 1two Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and 4,000 coins

For the pros among you, gold shouldn't be a problem. It's always worth sweating for these rewards:

Gold 3one Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, one Prime Mixed Players Pack and 5,000 coins
Gold 2one Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, one Prime Mixed Players Pack and 6,000 coins
Gold 1one Prime Mixed Players Pack, one Prime Electrum Players Pack, one Jumbo Premium Gold Pack and 8,000 coins

If you're one of the elite players in FIFA, you have to get to... elite. But you'll earn some sweet rewards when you get there:

Elite 3two Rare Electrum Players Packs, one Prime Mixed Players Pack and 8,000 coins
Elite 2two Rare Electrum Players Packs, one Premium Gold Player Pack and 14,000 coins
Elite 1two Rare Players Packs and 26,000 coins

Then, of course, there are also the players capable of nutty stuff in FIFA 22. Those who actually make it into the Top 200 in the Squad Battles will earn everything you can imagine:

Rank 101-200one Rare Players Pack, two Mega Packs and 65,000 coins
Rank 41-100one Jumbo Rare Players Pack, two Mega Packs and 65,000 coins
Rank 21-40one Jumbo Rare Players Pack, two Rare Players Packs and 75,000 coins
Rank 2-20one Ultimate Pack, two Rare Players Packs and 87,500 coins
Rank 1two Ultimate Packs, two Rare Mega Packs and 100,000 coins