FIFA 23: Best Bundesliga Team In FUT

The German Bundesliga has outstanding players in FIFA 23. There are numerous top stars like Mane, Bellingham, and Musiala. We have put together the best Bundesliga team for you, as well as a good option for those on a smaller budget.

The best Bundesliga squads! | © EarlyGame | © EA Sports

There's nothing better than trying new cool cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. Today, we're going to show you the best Bundesliga teams in FIFA 23.

First we will show you a team that is a little bit cheaper but still strong (for those on a budget), and then we will show you the very best team! Let's go...

FIFA 23: Best Bundesliga FUT-Squad

First, take a look at our budget team. A good selection of cheaper alternatives. Then we'll show you the best team from the undesliga (not too unrealistic, of course). However, TOTY cards and players that are way too expensive to still be worth the money were not included.

Budget Bundesliga Team In FIFA 23

The team below will be superb value for your coins. If you've completed the new Bynoe-Gittens Showdown card, you can be really happy because this one is OP! Thuram is so cheap for his stats, you just can't say no... In general, a fantastic team for a fair price.

Bundesliga BUDGET
The Bundesliga has a lot of potential! | © Futbin

The Best Bundesliga Team In FIFA 23

Now comes the crème de la crème, the best Bundesliga team in FIFA 23! Here we went for in-game performance and cool cards. There are plenty of other options in the midfield, but we just think that Bellingham and Musiala are some of the most fun players in the Bundesliga and are two really nice cards. I don't think you can have better dribbling and pace on the wing than with the two Bavarian stars. We don't need to say anything more about the attack either, the stats say everything!

What a Bundesliga team! | © Futbin

Let us know which cards you like from the teams!

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