FIFA 23: The Best Cheap OP Heroes – With King, Ljungberg & Völler

Heroes are sometimes better than icons in FIFA 23, that's why good heroes cost a lot of coins. In this article we show you heroes that are good and cheap at the same time.

Cheap op heroes fifa 23
These Heroes are really good in-game and cost you almost nothing! | © EA

Heroesare real game-changers in FIFA 23. They give better links than icons and are also really OP. But the best heroes are unaffordable and therefore unplayable. WC Hero Yaya Touré costs a whopping 2 million coins, and only a few of us have the coins. However, there are cheap alternatives to the most expensive icons. Some cards cost just 60k - but play much better in-game.

We have already written an article about cheap OP icons in FIFA 23, you can also check it out. With these insider tips you can build a cheap team that is competitive and can keep up with the meta cards. A little further down in the article we show you the best and most expensive Heroes in the game, so there's also something for the owner of the PayPal FC.

Cheap OP Heroes In FIFA 23

What makes a card overpowered? Very important is pace, without pace nothing works in FIFA 23. In most cases it is enough to be a good FUT card. Many players simply have hidden abilities that only come to light in-game. An example of this is Freddie Ljungberg, who plays simply outstanding. He feels faster than 90 pace, he is agile, passable and strong in finishing. You wouldn't expect that looking at his card. Just give him a try.

Good Heroes For Few Coins

Only Heroes who cost less than 200k coins have made it into our selection. These are players you can definitely afford if you've already played the game a bit.

Jerzy DudekGKPremier League8625,500
Ledley KingCBPremier League8687,000
Park Ji-sungCAM, RM, LM, LWPremier League87146,000
Abedi PeléCAM, CF, LMLigue 1
Freddie LjungbergLM, RM, LW
Premier League8870,000
Jay-Jay OkochaCAM, RM, ST
Premier League88174,000
Saeed Al OwairanRW, RM, CAM, ST
MBS Pro League
Rudi Völler

Dudek is a solid goalkeeper with some outstanding reflexes. You can't go wrong with him in the box. King is criticized by some Twitter users quite unfairly, his performance is good, he is fast and physically a monster, although there is only an 80 on his card. Park is a good CM who can help any team. Al Owairan and Völler, of course, have much better World Cup Hero cards, but the "normal" version is good to play after the TOTY, especially for newcomers, and is still cheap.

Okocha werte
With these dribbling stats, you can't go wrong even after TOTY time. | © Futbin

The Best And Most Expensive FUT Heroes In FIFA 23

The rich get richer, that's how it is, isn't it? There are many players who already have a good team and then still get insane cards. For these people we have a list with the best and most expensive Heroes in FIFA 23:

Joan CapdevilaLB, LWB
Claudio MarchisioCM, CDM, LM
Serie A
Yaya TouréCM, CDM, CAM
Premier League
Jay-Jay OkochaCAM, RM, ST
Ligue 1
David GinolaLM, LW, CAM, ST
Ligue 1
Saeed Al-OwairanRW, RM, CAM, ST
MBS Pro League88633,000
Włodzimierz SmolarekST, CF, LW
Polski Ekstraklasa88465,000
Rudi VöllerST, CF
Serie A
Antonio Di NataleST, CF, LW
Serie A

This is the crème de la crème of FUT Heroes. The majority are the WC Marvel Heroes, but we also have two "normal" Heroes in Ginola and Di Natale. Yaya Touré is one of the best defensive midfielders in the game, and you can see that in the price. Lúcio is the definition of the final opponent in defense.

There is one underrated player here as well, Pole Smolarek. With his 99 balance, he poses big problems for every opponent when you go dribbling with him. If Smolarek had played in the Premier League back then, his card would probably be worth over 1 million coins today. But we are also glad that there are meta cards that don't always play in the Premier League.

Lucio Stats
Lúcio is the best hero defender in FIFA 23. | © Futbin

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