FIFA 23: Best Serie A Starter Squad

Serie A has received some major upgrades in FIFA 23 - at least for the defence. You will find Kalulu, Hernandez and Tomori in every good FUT team. Here are some overpowered but cheap Serie A Starter Squads.

FIFA 23 Serie A
Serie A has brutally good players for the start of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. | © EA / EarlyGame / Wikipedia

Serie A is really interesting for the start of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, because there are many good and cheap cards playing in the Italian league. We show you the best FIFA 23 Starter Team of Serie A, afterwards we also have a look at the players with the highest rating of the league. Many Serie A players are just as good as the Premier League cards, but the Premier League is significantly more expensive than Serie A, so you'll get much better value for money and save yourself some coins with the teams in this article.

If you're curious, then check here for the best and cheapest Premier League Starter Squad right here.

FIFA 23: Best Serie A Starter Squad

If you're building a Serie A team right after the release, then you're doing a lot of things right in life. The Italians have a lot of cheap cards with a lot of pace. You can avoid the overpriced Premier League and get ready for the Weekend League with the best Serie A Team in FIFA 23.

Best Serie A Starter Team In FIFA 23

Here is our suggestion for a FIFA 23 Starter Team with players from the Serie A. Kalulu and Kim Min Jae both have 80 pace as centre backs, which if we're honest, is pretty cool to have. The midfield is filled with allrounders whose job it is to put the three fast attackers Chiesa, Osimhen and Lozano into action. As soon as you have more coins, you can of course upgrade the players. Names like Tomori, Hernandez or Tonali immediately come to mind.

Serie A Starter
Good and cheap: The Serie A Starter Team with Kalulu and Osimhen. | © Futbin

The team will be affordable from day 1 for anyone who has already started trading in the Web or Companion App.

This Is The Best Serie A Team In FIFA 23

The best FIFA 23 Serie A team is not that great to be honest. The defence looks great, but the midfield and the forwards are average. What happened to Dybala? 80 speed bro, what's going on? You can build a cool hybrid team out of the axis Maignan, Tomori, Hernandez and Barella.

Serie A Best Team
Goalkeeper + defense looks nice, after that it's rather boring: The best Serie A FUT Team. | © Futbin

Unfortunately, there are no attractive strikers in Serie A. Or rather, there are no fast strikers. Martínez and Lukaku are not bad cards by any means, but they have no place in the meta right now. If you have a lot of coins, then treat yourself to the Heroes Rudi Völler or Tomas Brolin. They will score many goals for you.