FIFA 23: FUT-Leaks Announce Exclusive WC Phenom Cards

The World Cup writes its own stories. Players that no one has ever heard of can suddenly prove themselves on the biggest stage in world football – and some develop into real phenoms. Leaks suggest that we will see a special FUT promo in FIFA 23 soon...

FIFA 23 World Cup Phenoms
The World Cup Phenoms will be coming to FUT soon! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

For the WC, EA Sports goes mad. Several completely new events are coming and for some, we don't really know what to expect. But, at least, we do know the most important things for the World Cup Phenoms, which will be released directly after the WC Stories.

FIFA 23: WC Phenoms – Release And Explanation

The new promo will be released on December 9, at 6PM UK Time / 12 AM CST. That means, they will replace the WC Stories, which is also a new promo, from the packs.

For the Phenoms, EA Sports will release a full team with special cards. Additionally, there will be some SBCs and Objectives. Maybe they will also be relevant for the new WC Swaps. Perfectly for the Quarter Finals of the World Cup in Qatar, we will see some of football's brightest and most interesting stars getting supplied with special cards. We can only speculate on how EA Sports chooses these players...

World Cup Phenoms Card Design

The Canadians have really tried their best designing these new cards, and they created a real piece of art. Especially in light blue and purple, the cards just look refreshing. Then there are also the yellow or gold accents, which will also be the color of the writing – they just look really nice. We can't wait to see some of the biggest World Cup Stars with this card design!

FIFA 23 World Cup Phenoms
That's how the new cards will look! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame