FIFA 23: UEFA Women's Champions League Coming Soon!

Women's football is currently experiencing a hype, which is also noticed by EA Sports. FIFA 23 players can soon get to enjoy the Women's Champions League.

FIFA 23 Women's UCL
Fans will son get even more women's football in FIFA 23! | © EA Sports

After EA Sports already introduced women's football back in FIFA 16 – and it didn't really work out well if we're being honest – they started another attempt to bring women's football closer to the fans in FIFA 23. After the hype around the Women's Euros this summer, EA Sports announced that Sam Kerr would be the first female footballer to ever be on a FIFA cover. We also got the English and the French Leagues fully licensed in FIFA 23.

Even more Champions League in FIFA 23:

The UEFA Women's Champions League In FIFA 23

As you probably know, we can't play the women's version of the UCL in FIFA yet. But that's supposed to change in "early 2023", so potentially in spring next year. We don't know what that exactly means, but EA is going to supply us with more info on that topic later.

Starting with the knockout stages in the UEFA Women's Champions League, we will finally be able to play teams like Real Madrid Femenino, Juventus Women or the teams we already have in the Barclays FA Women's League and the Division 1. We will probably get an experience which is similar to the "normal" Champions League we already have in the game. The women will not be a part of Ultimate Team, but you will be able to play them in different Kickoff Modes or in Tournaments. We can also expect the official broadcasting packages of the UWCL.

Exclusive Partnership With The UEFA

The partnership for the UEFA Women's Champions League is exclusively between the UEFA and EA Sports. That means we will also get the UWCL in FIFA's successor, EA Sports FC. Here, we also haven't got an official statement or info yet, but EA is unlikely to spend multiple millions of dollars to have the Women's Champions League in their game for just more than half a year. EA themselves called it a "multiyear sponsorship partnership" and has already announced the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 to be featured in FIFA 23.

Unfortunately, we didn't get more info on the Women's World Cup, which will take place in summer 2023 and is played in Australia and New Zealand.