FIFA 23 Update: New Patch Notes For Title Update 13

A new FIFA 23 update is live now on all platforms – also for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. EA revealed the patch notes for the new update. We keep you up to date what changes with Title Update 13.

FIFA 23 Title Update Patch Notes
FIFA 23 Update: new patch notes of the latest update.| © EA Sports/EarlyGame

We'll show you what await us in FIFA 23 with Title Update 13 and how and whether the update will affect the gameplay.

After EA crashed the whole game for some people with Title Update 12, and they had to release Title Update 12.1 to fix it, we hope for a smoother update process this time. Here is the release date and the new Patch Notes for the latest FIFA update.

FIFA Update: New Title Update 13 Is Live

Title Update #13 is live since May 24.

The new patch is available on all major platforms (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One and PC) – while next gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series and PC) got the update sooner than old gen.

New FIFA Patch Live On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

The Patch is live and available for PS4 and Xbox One now. A little more patience was needed this time, because the PS4 and Xbox One got the current patch on May 30.

Let's check out what they are updating this time. As always, we highlight and comment on major and more important changes.

FIFA 23: New Patch Notes For The Latest FIFA Update

As we come close to the end of the FIFA year, EA is releasing smaller updates and just adjusts minor things. This time, we won't see any huge changes in FUT... which is also not too bad as we want to focus on the Team of the Season campaign anyway.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some kits, ad boards, gloves, boots, balls, star heads, and tifos.
  • Updated UI elements in UEFA Women's Champions League matches.
  • [Known Issue] A message could appear when launching the title stating that DLC Assets are damaged. Workaround: Select and confirm the Cancel option on the message and restart FIFA 23.
  • [PC Only Known Issue] When attempting to launch FIFA 23 on Windows 11 with Secure Boot turned off, the title does not display a message stating that Secure Boot is required.

Every PC player knows that FIFA 23 has massive problems on PC and could crash at various random times or just not launch properly. We hope that EA fixes some of these things now – although we are not sure that they even care about it too much.

The PC issue only states that you now will have to turn on the Secure Boot (a feature with the primary purpose of protecting your PC from malicious software) if you have Windows 11. We hope this doesn't cause more difficulties than fixes...

That's it for the official FIFA 23 Title Update #13 from EA. You can also find the entire list here.

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