FIFA 23 FUT WC: Team of the Tournament Promo Leaks

In the World Cup 2022, there will once again be a few players who can really impress and earn themselves a spot in the Team of the Tournament. We will see a FUT TOTT in FIFA 23 too and here is everything that you need to know about it!

FIFA 23 World Cup Team of the Tournament
The World Cup TOTT could feature some crazy players! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

The best players of the World Cup 2022 will be warded in Ultimate Team. Just like the players who already wrote their stories in the past tournaments and the players who developed into World Cup Phenoms. Here, you can get everything you need to know for the FIFA 23 WC Team of the Tournament!

And here are some crazy Christmas presents, like...

FIFA 23 World Cup Team of the Tournament – TOTT Release And Leaks

The best players of the controversial World Cup in Qatar, will be rewarded with some Special Cards, but what's the deal behind them? Fact is that the new cards will receive some improved stats. These upgrades are given once. So, the cards aren't dynamic and will remain the same until the end of FIFA 23.

EA Sport hasn't said anything about the release date yet, so we can only give a possible release date based on our experience and our FUT event calendar. It would make sense to release the team when most of the games are already played and there are a few players who look like they really earned themselves a spot in the Team of the Tournament.

That's why we think that the TOTT promo will be released on Friday, December 16. Yes, that's two days before the final, but it's the best option in our opinion nevertheless. This would also mean that the TOTT cards will replace the World Cup Phenoms from the packs.

You will then be able to get the new Special Cards from packs, SBCs and Objectives. There will be a full team, consisting of eleven players, with a mini release on Sunday, December 18. This would then be perfectly fitting for the World Cup Final. Additionally, we will get a few cards as Squad Building Challenges and free-to-play Objectives cards. Their release will then be spread across the whole week.

TOTT Card Design Leaks

The design looks really familiar to us. The new World Cup Stars look nearly exactly the same. EA seems to have just reused the colors and the shape once again. They simply pressed the "invert colors" button – well okay, that's not completely true. The card design looks very clean and nice nevertheless!

FIFA 23 Team of the Tournament
That's how the best players of the World Cup look! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

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