Best FIFA Songs: World Cup Soundtrack Is Simply Amazing

EA Sports has come up with something special for the World Cup mode in FIFA 23: You can find a playlist with the ultimate FIFA soundtrack on Spotify right now. The most popular songs will accompany us in this year's World Cup menu. Here are the songs we've all streamed the most.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode FIFA Soundtrack vote
Vote for favorites such as Song 2, Jerk it Out and Walk! | © EA Sports

World Cup mode for FIFA 23 has something really special for us. The best FIFA songs of all time will give you one eargasm after another. We could vote by listening to the songs over and over on Spotify. You can find the ultimate soundtrack here.

Best FIFA Songs Of All Time Coming For World Cup Mode In FIFA 23

From more than 25 years of FIFA, EA has put together personalized playlists on Spotify – they each contain slightly different songs for everyone from FIFA 98 to FIFA 23. The tracks with the most streams from the community are the menu music in World Cup mode. EA has released the soundtrack.

Absolute legends like Song 2, Jerk it Out, Heat Waves, Young Folks, Cobrastyle, Club Foot, Kids and Love Me Again will be back in the game. Simply a world-class collection. And if you miss Walk from FIFA 15, you can easily listen to it.

Because if you want to get a nostalgia flash and really want to listen to EVERY song again, you can head over to this EA Sports website. The songs from each decade are listed there. Pretty decent service tbh.