FIFA 23 Weekend League: Start, Tips And All Infos For FUT Champions

The first Weekend League in FIFA 23 has started. Here you get all important information on the FUT Champions mode as well some very helpful tips. If you keep our recommendations in mind, there's nothing stopping you from being successful and getting the best rewards

First Weekend League
That's how your Weekend League will be a success. | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

It's finally time! The first Weekend League in FIFA 23 just started and with that the hunt for the highest rank and the best rewards possible starts. As soon as you've played enough Division Rivals matches and earned the required FUT Champions Points, you can already start the qualifiers. We'll show you how you can be successful in these matches and how you can reach the best possible rank in the finals!

FIFA 23 FUT Champions: The Most Important Tips For Your First Weekend League

You don't have to have the most crazy team in order to be successful in the Weekend League and also have fun playing it. If you by any chance have traded a little bit or even packed a good player from the starter packs, you can definitely afford to build a great starter team for your first Weekend League. And if you then go ahead and apply our tips, there's nothing stopping your success.

Research And Testing

You're actually doing the first step in reading this article. Just look at different YouTube Videos or livestreams of pros, in which they talk about their formations and custom tactics. They tell you exactly how you have to play a certain formation and in general what you have to keep in mind when playing FIFA 23. When you think you've found a suitable formation with fitting custom tactics, don't jump straight into the first FUT Champions match.

You should start playing a few Division Rivals matches to become familiar with your team and to get a flow started first. In case you aren't qualified for the Weekend League yet, you can even earn the required FUT Champions points you need for starting the Weekend League Qualifiers.

Lengthy Players

If you're playing on one of the next gen consoles, you should know about the new AcceleRATE feature and the new different sprint types that come with it. Here we noted everything you need to know about it.

Lengthy is the craziest trait players can have at this point and time. Although their stats don't really suggest it at first, these players feel ridiculously quick and agile with the Lengthy sprint type, and they can easily outrun your opponent's defenders.

Keep in mind that you can even change some players to Lengthy when you're applying different chemistry styles to them. You can also go ahead and check out futbin. There, you can easily test if your striker gets a little more overpowered when adding a chemistry style to them.

The Right Mindset

You just lost a match because of momentum again, and now you're blaming EA Sports for it. We all know this feeling, and it's totally understandable. Now, it's really important that you take a break and cool your head off. Even when you're down at halftime or in the 70th minute, simply go ahead and press pause or not skip the break (Yes, you will probably annoy the hell out of your opponent, but you have to only focus on yourself right now). That's the only way you can reach the best result possible.

You also shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. It's the first Weekend League for all of us, and none of us are really experienced in FIFA 23. Also, you even get points for losses and with them, you can get your rewards in which you could pack an Icon or a Hero.

These Rewards Are Waiting For You In FUT Champions

The FUT Champions Weekend League isn't the supreme discipline in FUT, without any reason. In FIFA 23 you will face the best players in the Weekend League. That's also the reason why you're getting the best rewards there. From red FUT Champions Player Picks, which contain players from the current TOTW, to coins, to crazily good packs... the Weekend League is worth it.

Here you can find a complete list with all FUT Champions rewards:

So, if you have the fitting team, the right tactics, and players and most importantly if you are in the right mindset you are set up to play a very successful first Weekend League in FIFA 23.