FIFA 23: 90+ Icon SBC – Best And Worst Icons

A new 90+ Icon SBC is live in FIFA 23, and it could be the new best SBC in FUT this year. We show you the best Icons you can get and tell you whether it is worth your fodder.

90 Icon SBC FIFA 23
90+ Icon SBC in FIFA 23: best and worst Icons you can get. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

We all know that gamble SBCs in FIFA 23 are much riskier than the Icon SBCs, where you can delicately submit teams for one certain player.

But as the FUT year comes to an end, EA released a new Icon SBC that could give you the very best Icon your squad will ever see...

New 90+ Icon SBC: Best And Worst Icons In FIFA 23

The new 90+ Icon SBC features Prime Icons, TOTY Icons, FUT Birthday Icons and Trophy Titan Icons – only the World Cup Icons are missing.

You need to submit three teams in total – one 87-rated squad, one 85-rated squad and one 83-rated squad. Which makes it cheaper than the Icon SBC before. If you have not done it then, you might want to do it now. Or are you selling everything you got to get Ronaldinho?

You can repeat the SBC two times, and it will be live until May 28.

Icon SBC FIFA 23 Solutions
New 90+ Icon SBC: the teams you have to submit. | © futbin

You can click through our articles in the list below to check out the different Icons you might get from this SBC. But it's quite clear that the very best are TOTY Ruud Gullit, TOTY Ronaldinho, Trophy Titan Ronaldo or Prime Ronaldo as well as FUT Birthday Eusebio.

We also think of Prime Pelé, obviously other versions of Ronaldinho or Gullit and meta gods like Patrick Vieira or Zinedine Zidane.

Check out our list of 90+ Icons and make sure if this pack weight is worth the risk for you:

Trophy Titan27

FUT Birthday


Be aware that 90+ Prime Icons can include Henrik Larsson, Michael Laudrup, Jari Litmanen, Juan Sebastián Verón, Frank Lampard or Frank Rijkaard.

Not to disrespect these absolute legends – but if we would see them two times after we completed the SBC, we will delete the game…

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