The Best Christmas FUT Cards Of All Time

Over the past few years, EA has released many different Christmas related FUT promos and some crazy special cards. We're looking at the best Christmas cards of all time!

Best Xmas Cards TN
These are the best Xmas related FUT cards of all time! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

We're getting some Christmas related FUT Promos every year. This time, EA releases the Winter Wildcards, with some crazy players for us. But can some of them make it into the Top 5 of all time?

A great way to spend your Christmas money:

The Best Christmas Cards – Number 5 – Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches was already one of the most popular cards in FIFA 20. Back then, the Portuguese still played for Lille and just missed out on the famous Gullit Gang – Nearly every stat is at least 80. With 4* Skill Moves, 4* Weak Foot and these possibilities to link him, he was insane. In FIFA 23 he also has a Ones to Watch card, which is about as good. The best thing was his price. His SBC cost less than 40,000 coins, and nearly everyone was able to afford him.

Sanches FUTMAS
Renato Sanches' FUTMAS card was insane! | © Futbin

The Best Christmas Cards – Number 4 – Lucas Torreira

In FIFA 19, the Uruguayan midfielder received an insane FUTMAS card. Lucas Torreira was incredibly agile for his position and could still defend well. His pace was alright, and the other stats looked decent too. He was the definition of a bargain. You only had to complete an SBC worth about 30,000 coins for the former Arsenal player.

Torreira FUTMAS
Lucas Torreira was just insane! | © Futbin

The Best Christmas Cards – Honorable Mention – Gabriel Jesus

One of the biggest FIFA myths of all time. Gabriel Jesus was already displayed in FUT, but we never received his card. If EA Sports really released him, he would've been insane. Back in FIFA 20, he fit the meta with his pace and dribbling. A real shame, we never got to use him...

Where is Gabriel Jesus? | © Futbin

The Best Christmas Cards – Number 3 – Houssem Aouar

Just look at this card of Houssem Aouar... 4* Skills, 4* Weak Foot, good pace, insane shooting and dribbling and decent passing. He literally has everything you need in a striker or an attacking midfielder. With his nationality and club, you can also link him very easily. His SBC cost around 130k and wasn't that cheap, but he was insane!

Aouar Freeze
One of the best SBCs we ever witnessed! | © Futbin

The Best Christmas Cards – Number 2 – Zlatan Ibrahimović

Everyone knows Zlatan Ibrahimović. He is one of the most iconic footballers of all time, and so is his Winter Wildcard from FIFA 22. He really has everything you need in a striker. Pace, Shooting, Dribbling, Skills and Physicality. The only downside is his nationality... Linking the Swedish Striker wasn't that easy, and he wasn't cheap as well. That's why we only put him in Number 2.

Ibrahimovic WW
Is there a more complete striker in FUT? | © Futbin

The Best Christmas Cards – Number 1 – Ferland Mendy

It felt like we were facing Ferland Mendy in every single Weekend League match in FIFA 20. The French left back was insane. He is quick, he can defend, has a great physicality, 4* Skills and 5* Weak Foot. He is also so easy to link! For us, it's the best Christmas card ever in FUT, and he will even get a Winter Wildcard in FIFA 23. Who knows, he might be even better...

The best Christmas card ever – Ferland Mendy! | © Futbin

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