Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2: All Competitive Changes

With Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2, Epic Games is bringing some changes to the competitive system. Here's everything you can expect with the new patch.

Fortnite competitive changes season 4 chapter 2
Time for the sweaty players to shine. I ©Epic Games

Fortnite's competitive game modes allow players to test their skills and prove who's the best in battle royale. Epic Games is known for hosting cash cups and other competitions to further promote the game's competitive community. And there is always a lot of cash involved. But just because things are going well doesn't mean Epic Games is resting on its laurels.

A recent blog post from Epic describes how the competitive scene will change in Chapter 4, Season 2. Here the details.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Arena Playlists

The Arena offerings will feature three modes in total:

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Trios

Hype Reset

A new season means a reset in Hype rank! If you reach Contender Rank, you'll be able to compete in cash-prized tournaments throughout the Season. Players will be required to achieve Champion League in Battle Royale Arena to be eligible to compete in FNCS Major 2.

If you're a Zero Build player, there will be other kinds of competitions that don't require reaching Champion League to participate in.

FNCS Major 2

Fncs major 2
A new FNCS major! | © Epic Games

Unlike previous seasons, Epic Games has opted against using a Divisional System and instead will combine the scores of both Thursday and Friday FNCS Major Weekly Competition sessions.

Following the conclusion of the Friday session, the top 50 duos from each region will qualify for that week’s FNCS Major 2 Weekly Finals.

After each weekly FNCS Major 2 event, every duo that competed will be awarded Series Points based on their results week to week. The top 40 duos with the highest cumulative score on the Leaderboard across three weeks will qualify for the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals.

Take a look at the full schedule down below:

Week 1

Three days of competition

April 13-16

Week 2

Three days of competition

April 20-23

Week 3Three days of competitionApril 27-30
Surge WeekLast chance to qualifyMay 5-7
Grand FinalsTwo days of competitionMay 12-14

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - Other Tournaments

The FNCS qualifiers won't be the only tournies available to grind. Here's a quick rundown of some others you can expect!

Fill Cups

Want to meet random players and possibly add them as a friend? Fill Cups are you're chance!

  • Every Wednesday - Trios Zero Build Fill Cup
  • Every Saturday - Duos Battle Royale

Victory Cash Cups

Victory Cash Cups are making a comeback in Chapter 4 Season 2. Qualify for Round 2 and earn a cash prize with every Victory Royale.

  • Every Sunday for both Solo Battle Royale and Zero Build Trios

PlayStation Cup

There will be two Fortnite March PS Qualifier Cups, on the 24 and 25. Being in the Top 50 in one of them will qualify you to participate in the Finals on the 26 for a chance to win a cut of the $230,200 prize pool.

Plus, earning at least eight points will give you this cool spray for free.

En 23comp social rewards pscupsq1 2023 march social 1920x1080 be3aa44cfc3c
Quadricateral Spray. | © Epic Games

Cash Cups

A duos Battle Royale weekly competition!

  • First round takes place every Friday
  • Second round is played on Saturdays

Collegiate Cups

College students in Canada and the United States rejoice as Epic Games has several collegiate tournaments planned. Two will happen in total, in March and April.

These are the dates.


  • Qualifier 1 - March 16
  • Qualifier 2 - March 23
  • Finals - March 30


  • Qualifier 1 - April 11
  • Qualifier 2 - April 18
  • Finals - April 25

There will also be Console Tournaments during the season but more information will be given out in the coming weeks.

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