Fortnite: Is an Eminem Concert The Next Live Event?

New rumors suggest an Eminem concert could become Fortnite's next live event. Actually, it was only a matter of time...

Fortnite Eminem
Will there be a Rift Tour with Eminem? | © Epic Games / Eminem

Even those who don't enjoy Eminem's music should at least have heard his name. Just earlier this month he dropped Curtain Call 2 - a hit collection of songs released since his album Relapse. The focus, however, is the new single "From the D 2 the LBC" with Snoop Dogg.

Just as Eminem is one of the biggest rappers on the music scene, Fortnite is arguably the most iconic battle royale out there. So what if Epic and Eminem teamed up and hosted a massive concert in the form of a live in-game event? It would be awesome, we think so too. It seems like that could actually happen because the rumor mill is pointing at it.

Will Eminem Host A Live Concert In Fortnite?

We all remember the concerts of Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. These events were so groundbreaking that they broke streaming records, among other things. Everyone was there, Fortnite fan or not. However, it's been over a year since Ari's Rift Tour. So, fans are hyped for the next big Fortnite concert. Leaks point that Eminem could be the next artist to host a concert in Fortnite if recent events and rumors are to be believed.

Our good friend and Fortnite leaker HYPEX reports that Eminem is the only artist to be heard on Fortnite's Icon Radio on August 13th. This includes some of his most popular songs, like Godzilla, Not Afraid, Venom, Monster, Berzerk, Survival etc.

In other words, it doesn't appear to be a bug, but rather a conscious decision by Epic Games. This decision could be related to the recent release of Curtain Call 2. We know Fortnite. They usually hide small hints and teasers in the game and on the Internet that point to big, future crossovers.

Many believe that the specific selection of the iconic radio songs will lead to some kind of collaboration with Fortnite, either with a Slim Shady skin or an entire concert. All in all, it seems to be only a matter of time before the next Fortnite concert will take place. To combine one of the most well-known rap artists with one of the most well-known games in the industry and beyond is just a match made in heaven.

Of course, there's also the question of whether or not Eminem would go for it. Eminem's presence in the gaming industry, while small, is not unknown, and if any gaming company could foot Eminem's bill, it's probably Epic Games. As always, if Eminem and Fortnite collaborate, we'll let you know.

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