Fortnite: All Postcard Tour Trials Quests & Rewards

In Fortnite, the Postcard Tour Trials Quests have been released, which will shower you with a whole bunch of XP upon completion. However, the trials require you to visit certain locations and we'll show you where to find them all.

Fortnite postcardtour quests rewards
Complete all Postcard Tour missions and secure the rewards. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is in full swing and if you're in the process of completing your Battle Pass, you should definitely complete the Postcard Tour trials as they reward you with a bunch of XP and cool cosmetic items.

The missions aren't actually difficult, but you will need to go to certain locations and if you're not sure how to find them, we're here to help!

All Postcard Tour Trials & Rewards

The Postcard Tour Trials all have a strange description that asks you to go to a specific location and then use an emote at that location. Below we have all the trials, rewards and exact locations for you.

Fn postcardtour quests
Here you can find all locations of the postcard tour trials in the right order. | ©
In the City, there is a Masked Warrior made of lightsEmote in the Shogun Hologram1. In the east of Mega City by the huge hologram on the small round beamer25.000 XP
These boats bring cargoEmote on a boat

2. On the bay lookout boat, which is located in the large lake to the east of Steamy Springs

25.000 XP
Swin where the waters healEmote in a hot spring3. At Steamy Springs25.000 XP
There's a tree where the three seasons collideEmote at the tree4. On the border of the Snow Area, the Green Area and the Yellow Area, east of Anvil Square.25.000 XP
In the ice cave, look for the towerEmote in the clock tower5. In the ice cave in the north-west of Brutal Bastion25.000 XP

Once you have visited and emoted at all the locations in the correct order, the final test is to travel a certain amount of distance between named locations to complete the tour, but this is easily done by simply playing Fortnite.

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So, not you've got the locations as well as the right order and all that's left now is to go out and have fun!

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