All Zipline Locations In Fortnite Season 4, Chapter 3

You want to know where the ziplines are in Fortnite? Then stay tuned. We show you all cable car locations from Chapter 3, Season 4.

Fortnite Zipline Locations
Zip across Fortnite with these handy Zipline locations. | © Epic Games

With Chapter 3, Season 4, Fortnite got a few new locations and new weapons, but luckily for veteran players, some things stayed the same. For example, the zip lines in Fortnite.

Zip lines have always been an important way to get from one place to another in Fortnite. That's not all. For those of you who are experienced players, you know there's been zipline-related challenges pretty much every season. Therefore, it is not bad to know where the cable cars are located in order to use them as best as possible. And that's where we come in. Today we show you all zipline locations from Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

All Zipline Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

In fact, there are quite a few zip lines in Fortnite this season. Usually there are several in one place, which will either help you reach a high place or another side of the island. Here you can find an overview of all zip lines:

Zipline locations chapter 3 season 4
Here you can find all ziplines in Chapter 3, Season 4. | © Epic Games

Now, allow us to explain how many ziplines are located where and where exactly they lead.

Reality Tree / Greasy Grove

There are a total of 8 ziplines in the ancient mushroom area of Fortnite. Three are nwest of Greasy Grove and provide a quick way to get across the river. Two are to the south and two to the west of Greasy. These also help you to quickly get across the body of water or a gorge. The last one in this area is at Peril Pass, west of Reality Tree. It also offers a quick way to cross a gorge.

V. Outpost of the Seven / Shroom Chalet

When we say the ziplines are a great way to take a shortcut, we mean it. If you are at Outpost V of the Seven and want a quick way to get to the old mushroom area, simply use the zip line located to the south of the location. Of course, this also works the other way around!

Fisher's Paradise

The Fisher's Paradise is one of the smallest islands on the Chapter 3 Map. It is located to the north-west near Shifty Shafts. There is also a zipline that connects the island to the mainland.

II. Outpost of the Seven / Logjam Lumberyard

Outpost II of the Seven is located northwest of Logjam Junction. While there are some rifts here that you can use to get to another location, if you want to visit the Logjam Lumberyard to the north, a zipline takes you there directly.

Shifty Shafts

In the east and in the west there is a zipline, which takes you to the cave entrance in the north on the mountain.

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound is a split location, in the far north of the map. A zipline is located at Lofty Lighthouse and leads to the other headland. There are also two cable cars in the north-west of the town that connect the mainland and a small island.

Fort Jonesy

The Joneses is now called Fort Jonesy. There are three ziplines here that you can use to quickly slide through the entire location.

Rocky Reels / Bob's Bungalow (To the north of Chonker's Speedway)

To the north of Chonker's Speedway is a very rocky area with rocks that you can only access by ziplining if you don't want to waste your mats. There are six of these in total, spread across the Cloudy Condos and Bob's Bungalow.

The Consumed

Yes, strange name for a place and you probably have no idea where it is. "The Consumed" is located in the east of Tilted Towers. There in the area is a zipline that goes from the pond north to the mud track.

Tilted Towers

Also near Tilted there is a zipline to the south that takes you quickly off the hill and down to the mainland.

Ridgeline Ranger Station

This location is to the east of Loot Lake. There are several small spots here, all of which have a different name and are connected to each other by the cable cars. A total of six cable cars connect the locations Boote zum Borgen, the mountain ridge ranger building and the light with the mainland.

How to use a zipline in Fortnite?

Using a zipline is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is get close to her and interact with her and you'll slide to the other side.

You can always use a zipline in two directions. Additionally, you can release them at any time without incurring any fall damage. You can also jump while using it, for example to avoid enemy shots.

And that's it. Now you know where are all the zip lines in Fortnite and how to use them.

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