WWE Who? Finally, an AEW Wrestling Game: Fight Forever

Finally we are getting some fresh blood on the wrestling game scene: AEW Fight Forever is coming.

AEW Fight Forever
Looking... good? | © Yuke

The WWE sucks now. Back in the day, and I mean back in The Rock's days, wrestling was the bee's-knees. Now? Whack. Roman Reigns? Whack. In fact, pro wrestling was in a hard downward spiral, until the AEW resurrected it. Now, they're trying to make the same thing happen for wrestling games.

AEW Fight Forever Revealed

So the official name is AEW Fight Forever. Which... sounds like Taylor Swift song, but, hey... whatever. Of course, this good news doesn't come without a silver lining of doom: The developer is Yuke Media Creations, who also made the WWE 2K games, so... yay?

The good thing is, this could still be a fresh start for Yuke, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they will just carbon-copy the WWE games. In any case, just adapting the AEW will force them to make gameplay adjustments, though we don't know any of that for sure, since we only got a little gameplay to judge from:

There is no word on the game's release date yet, but we do have a release window: Earlier this year, AEW executive vice president Kenny Omega claimed that the game might be release in about a year. So if we take him by his estimation, we can expect it in February 2023.

AEW Fight Forever will feature a campaign mode, multiplayer, create-a-wrestler, and some unknown "unusual modes". As for the roster, we're still in the dark on that as well, but it's safe to assume most of the AEW roster will be featured in the game.