Are The Genshin Impact Servers Down? Maintenance And Server Status

If you're experiencing difficulty connecting to the Genshin Impact servers, there can be several causes. This article will help you determine if the Genshin Impact servers are down and what steps you need to take to resolve the issue.

Genshin impact servers down
Are the Genshin Impact servers down? We'll let you know. | © miHoYo

If you are having trouble connecting to Genshin Impact, the servers might be down. Here is a way to find out if the Genshin Impact servers are currently offline and other methods to solve server errors.

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Genshin Impact Down? How To Check The Server Status

With every new Genshin Impact patch or even a little update, the servers go down for maintenance. These maintenance times can sometimes even last for hours. Hours in which no player has access to the server.

If you are having problems with connecting to the Genshin servers, the first thing you should do is check your own internet connection. Just reassure yourself that you have a stable connection to your Wi-Fi. If that is the case, try to enter the server again.

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If the issue remains, you can find out if Genshin is currently running an update. Just check out the official Genshin Impact homepage. In the news tab, you'll also find a section called "Updates", if the Genshin Impact servers are offline due to an update, you'll find it there. If the servers are down, due to an internal error at Hoyoverse, it might help to contact other players through the HoYoLAP forum or via Twitter, either way the word will spread quickly.

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The DownDetector would be another place to start. This website provides current information and lists any outages that have happened in the previous 24 hours.

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