You Can Now Share Xbox Game Pass

Can you share Game Pass? Well, yes - Microsoft finally added the feature.

Can you share game pass
Best enjoyed shared. | © Game Pass

The best deal in gaming just got a whole lot better. Game Pass is already a marvel, especially when you use the official loophole to essentially get it for just 1 Dollar. Now, the greatness of Game Pass got even better: The service is now officially shareable, that means your friends and family can all use the same account to play games simultaneousy.

How to Share Game Pass

Finally, Game Pass is shareable, as was confirmed officially by Xbox Wire. Doing so will be as simple as subscribing to the family service on any other streaming platform: It simply costs a little bit more, but you get 4 slots to allocate to friends and family. To put some numbers on this: The family plan will likely cost $25, which, if divided up by the 5 people who are able to use it, comes down to just $5 a month. That's insanely cheap.

Of course, your existing Game Pass subscription will not got to waste: 1 month of Game Pass Ultimate will convert into 18 days of Game Pass Family - which is not the official name, but I'm running with it for now.

The Game Pass family plan is not available yet - the feature is currently being tested on Xbox Insiders in Ireland and Colombia, for some random reasons, and will probably roll out elsewhere over the course of the year.