Devs Reveal: Alan Wake 2 Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

The CEO of Remedy studios revealed that Alan Wake 2 has just entered the final stage of production.

Alan wake2
Alan Wake is awake! | © Remedy

Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game with an incredible atmosphere and a wild, multi-layered storyline with psychological elements - it's the long-awaited continuation of the award-winning 2010 Remedy Entertainment psychological thriller.

A few days ago we received official information from the developers about the production status of the awaited sequel.

Alan Wake 2 Is In The Final Stage Of Full Production

Remedy Entertainment's financial report for the Q1 of 2023 was accompanied by a short commentary by the studio's CEO - Tero Virtali, who explained the Finnish developer's current operations. But f*ck it, that's not what we're interested in. The most important information contained there is that the producers are at a very advanced stage of development of the sequel of Alan Wake, which is expected to debut this year!

As Tero Virtala informed investors, the upcoming goal for Remedy studio is to release the second part of Alan Wake in 2023. The production is officially in the final stages of production and a full team is working on it.

Per Tero Virtala:

Our firm focus is on the upcoming launch of Alan Wake 2. While work still remains, I am impressed with the quality of the work and the development velocity of the team. The game holds a lot of promise.

Oh, Remedy, I don't know why you provided us with this information... Now the wait for this game will feel even longer!

Considering Remedy's financial report from October last year, they are working clearly here. This means that we can expect the cult horror game soon.

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