Diablo 4: How to Fix Error Codes 30008, 316719, 34202 & More

In Diablo 4, several error codes are annoying players right now, including 30008, 316719, 34202 & more. We'll show you what you can do about them.

Diablo 4 Error Codes
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Diablo 4 is finally here, at least as a beta. And obviously a ton of people are super excited to jump into the game and, even more obvious, that causes a lot of issues. Diablo 4 beta players have experienced several error codes, most prominently the error codes 30008, 316719 and 34202, we will show you what you can do about that.

Diablo 4 Error Codes: How to Fix 30008, 316719 & 34202

These error codes can pop up, when players are trying to log into Diablo 4. So far during the beta, it’s apparently been a major issue when players are trying to start their adventure with a brand-new character.

If you see one of these error codes, 30008, 316719 or 34202, the best thing you can do is to keep trying to get into the game. It looks like these errors pop up, because Blizzard is limiting the numbers of players that can get into the game simultaneously. The devs explained this in a recent statement.

If you keep trying and still can’t get into the game, or if the game eventually starts blaiming your internet connection, you unfortunately will need to restart the game, and potentially your whole character creation. When you’re on PC, it is advised to close and restart your Battle.net launcher as well as the game. If that still doesn’t work, restart your internet connection and try again to get into Diablo 4.

We hope these tips could help you with these annoying errors and that you get to enjoy the game. We will update this article as soon as we know about how to tackle these error codes and see new errors popping up.

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