Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring: How To Solve The Riddle

So you've picked up the quest "Secret of the Spring" and now you want to know how to complete the quest? Here is the answer to the riddle.

Diablo 4 Secret of the Springs Header
Here is how to solve the Secret of the Spring riddle. | © Blizzard

If you've started playing Diablo 4 you've probably already acquired the "Secret of the Spring" side-quest without realizing it. You get this side-quest very early on in the game simply by picking up a Discarded Note in the Kylsik Plateau.

But the reason you're on this page is almost certainly because you haven't solved the riddle that's written on the Discarded Note. Here is the solution to the "Secret of the Spring" riddle.

How To Complete Secret of the Spring Riddle

The correct answer to the riddle is "wait", but that doesn't mean we need to go and stand next to a spring for hours, all we need to do is just use the "wait" emote.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the location north of Kyovashad, pictured above.
  2. You will find a small spring, stand beside it and use the "wait" emote.
  3. A chest will appear just north of the spring.

And as soon as the chest spawns you will have completed the quest. Congratulations!

We hope you found that helpful. If playing the beta has made you excited enough to buy the full game, here's a link to get Diablo 4.We suggest checking out this overview of classes before starting the full game.

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