Invest into EarlyGame & Become Part Of Our Success Story

We're launching another crowdfunding campaign, and you can invest! If you want to have the opportunity to (financially) benefit from our growth at EarlyGame as a private investor, now's your chance.
Eg crowdfunding campaign
Become an investor!

Investing one's money can be tricky, you never know where your chances are best to actually walk away with more money than you invested.

EarlyGame is having another crowdfunding campaign
via Seedmatch and if you want to invest into the future (that being us), then you can do so now! Additionally, this will allow you to define with us where we are developing and shaping EarlyGame over the next years.

The gaming and esports market is growing, and we strongly assume it won't stop in the future. We're lucky to be in a field that will most likely don't die out and will only be bigger in ten years time. If you need me to spell it out: now's the perfect time to invest.

We've already had a very successful campaign in 2021, with investors from all over the world saying: EG is the future.
Now, in 2022, we want to give even more people, fans, users, partners and followers of EarlyGame the opportunity to invest and to help us grow our brand to be the #1 in the world (not just in the bosses heads, but for real real).

On May 5th, the Seedmatch campaign will go live. It will be then, that you will have the opportunity to invest, which you will be able to do so here.

Don't waste this fantastic opportunity and become a part of the world's fastest growing esports and gaming family.

Note: The acquisition of this investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested capital.

More on capital investment can be found here.