Elden Ring DLC | Shadow of the Erdtree: Possible Content and Fan-Theories

FromSoftware, the developer of Elden Ring, announced through a tweet that they have started developing the Elden Ring DLC "Shadow of the Erdtree", but they did not disclose any information about the probable release date. What can fans expect? Here are some of our favorite story theories.

Elden Ring How To Complete Ranni Quest
Elden Ring DLC: Is Ranni sending us to the moon? | © FromSoftware

Elden Ring was the Game of the Year 2022 and is arguably one of the best games of all time. And we want more! Fans are clamoring for a big Elden Ring DLC add-on, which we are hoping will come at some point this year.

And finally we got it! The DLC for Elden Ring "Shadow of the Erdtree".

We have summarized for you a few possibilities of what could be the content of this DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. In addition, references in the game's code and word from an insider. But what can we expect from the "huge" add-on? Here are our favorite theories.

Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree

Since the game's release, the passionate fan base has formed many theories, about what a possible Elden Ring DLC could involve.

Here is the only official marketing image for Shadow of the Erdtree:

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Artwork
Elden RIng: Shadow of the Erdtree image | © FromSoftware
  • To begin with, who is riding Torrent? Some suggest it might be Miquella, but others argue that it could be Marika.
  • Additionally, what is happening with the Erdtree visible in the background? Is it decaying or being overtaken by another tree?
  • Moreover, is it genuinely the Erdtree, or could it be the Haligtree?

Because of what we see in the picture, one suggestion is that the DLC could focus on the character Miquella. This idea is supported by the image featuring the person on Torrent with blonde hair and a distinct hairstyle that matches Miquella. Additionally, the DLC's name and logo may suggest a connection to the Haligtree, an area in the game that is linked to her.

If you take a closer look at the scripture the logo features a letter "O" with spiked ends, which could relate to the branches supporting the tree or Melina's tattoo on her eye.

The DLC's title, Shadow of the Earth Tree, may refer to the Shadows, wolf-like creatures that serve the game's divine beings, including Miquella, whose Shadow has not yet been introduced in the game.


One of the most prevailing and plausible theories includes Miquella, the brother of Malenia. Miquella is one of the most mysterious characters in Elden Ring, someone who is often mentioned in conversations, but is only shown in the game itself as a corpse in a cocoon. And his Great Rune is one of two that we never see.

Miquella elden ring
This is all we saw of Miquella in the base game. | © FromSoftware

Miquella was kidnapped, murdered and encased by Mohg, the Lord of Blood with the hope to resurrect him and to start a new dynasty. When we talk to Gideon Ofnir after the boss fight against Mohg, he also says that Miquella is a big mystery to him. He also wonders if it wouldn't be safer to destroy the cocoon. As of now, there is no in-game option to do that...

Miquella is an obvious character to focus on in DLC, as he is such a big question mark. We could imagine a sort of time travel scenario, where we go back to see what happened to Miquella before he got ruined by Mohg. Definitely a lot of exciting potential here.

The Haligtree

In Elden Ring, reaching Miquella's Haligtree is not mandatory to complete the game, but it holds immense importance in the Lands Between. This location harbors the most challenging boss, Malenia, and the area is abundant in the Lands Between within the tree's canopy and roots, while Albinaurics can be found outside the tree.

The Haligtree has significant lore associated with it, similar to the crucial Erdtree in the game. It is closely tied to the demigod twins, Miquella and Malenia, and has a tragic backstory. Despite being built for a specific purpose, the Haligtree ultimately failed to achieve its goals.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree theories | © FromSoftware

To understand the role of the Haligtree in Elden Ring's lore, one must first learn about the twin demigods, Malenia and Miquella, born to Marika and Radagon. Malenia suffered from Scarlet Rot while Miquella could not age beyond childhood.

Despite their unique bodies, the siblings were close. Malenia fought for shards of the Elden Ring, not for herself, but for Miquella so he could become the new Elden Lord.

Miquella sought a cure for both his and Malenia's birth defects and created the Haligtree, a separate Erdtree from the Greater Will, to achieve his goal. He watered it with his own blood and attracted loyal followers who were not fit for the Greater Will's plan, including the Misbegotten and Albinaurics. Miquella hoped the Haligtree would help his sister and himself, embedding himself into its base in the hopes of growing with it.

However, his plan never came to fruition, and his half-brother Mohg kidnapped him, hoping to raise him to a full demigod. When Malenia was gravely injured in a battle against Radahn, she was brought to the Haligtree to wait for Miquella. Without him, the Haligtree began to decay.

The Haligtree's purpose was likely to create another Erdtree that did not obey the Greater Will, evidenced by the presence of Albinaurics and Misbegotten, who were deemed unworthy of Grace by the Greater Will.

The fan community has theorized that Marika may have instructed Miquella to create the Haligtree as an attempt to break the Greater Will's influence in the Lands Between. Additionally, Miquella's ability to make others adore him may have contributed to the Haligtree attracting so many loyal followers.

Divine Towers

Another big mystery from the game, which is still very much unclear, is about the Divine Towers. One of our most important goals in the Elden Ring main story is to reach the Divine Towers, which become accessible after defeating the big bosses. On the map, these towers are arranged around a cloud, which angered the community as it is in the middle of the sea and thus not reachable.

The midpoint between all the divine towers isn't the Erdtree, but instead is this mysterious clouded region... wonder if we'll ever see what's there from Eldenring

FromSoftware is notorious for being very deliberate with their world design, so this seems like a cheeky hint towards a potential new area a la Farum Azula which we could explore in the DLC.

To The Moon!

This is my personal favorite and involves the second Great Rune we never see in Elden Ring, which is Ranni's. The great witch has cast aside her rune and no one knows where it is. And you know what Ranni is most closely associated with? That's right, the Moon!

This is not complete bollocks, dear reader, as the legend VaatiVidya himself has shown in one of his many great lore videos. If you look closely at the moon, you can see a mysterious shape on it, which is also visible in the Elden Ring itself. Could this be Ranni's Great Rune? And could we go to the moon in the Elden Ring DLC?! Let's hope so, that would be absolutely wild.

These are just theories though, however plausible they sound. We're really excited to see what FromSoftware has cooking for us here. What do you think the Elden Ring DLC will be about? Let us know in the comments!

The World Helphen

There is another world called Helphen and is described in an item called Helphen's Steeple, which is a greatsword found on mountaintops. The Helphen is said to be a tree that can only be seen by those who died honorably in battle and grants them a version of grace.

Helphen may be the literal shadow or opposite of the Erdtree, which is a central element in Elden Ring. Because of the ghost elements from the recently released DLC post that shows a person riding Torrent in what could be the realm of the dead and spirits. The person may be Miquella, who is not alive but was killed by Mohg's "nurturing."

The introduction of the spirit realm in the game could allow for the inclusion of demigods and bosses that players could fight again, as well as the introduction of new characters and NPCs. It would fit with Fromsoft's style, as previous titles and DLCs have included travel to other worlds or realms.

However, there is also the possibility that this place is in the future after the flames of ruin upon the Erdtree have passed, or in the past with Marika riding on Torrent.

Rescue Godwyn The Golden

I remembered one of the crones expressing sorrow to Miquella about Godwin's condition at Deeproot Depths. Could this be a spiritual journey where we join Miquella on his quest to save Godwin the golden?

The tree resembles the Prince of Death's staff, with the branched "O" possibly representing the Rune of Death. The spirits beside Miquella and the dark background could suggest a dreamlike journey into the past.

Of course there is also the possibility that Miquella wants to save Godwyn, but it could be that the weapon "the golden epitaph" implies that Miquella wants to put Godwyn out of his misery, as Miquella's quote suggests it is his final gift to Godwyn, and the weapon is excellent at permanently killing those who live in death.

I think Miquella just wants to end his brother's suffering or defeat the monster that is his corrupted corpse.

The DLC could focus on both Miquella and Godwyn, as "Shadow of the Erdtree" may refer to Godwyn, who is a dark entity attached to the Erdtree's roots, while Miquella's return is said to herald Godwyn's resurrection, according to the ghost in Castle Sol.

Moreover, the landscape is filled with ghostly graves, which are closely associated with those who live in death, and the "O" in the logo looks like the Rune of Death.

The story about Miquella's dream of his haligtree coming to fruition, but Godwyn's presence has corrupted it. As we see in Farum Azula, Godwyn can corrupt areas outside of time.

We might fight Godwyn to free Miquella's tree, and he will become our ally, or he may discover Malenia and fight against us as well.

Can you tell we're excited?

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