Why Elden Ring Is Secretly a Christmas Game

Elden Ring is not just one of the best games ever made, it's one of the best Christmas games ever made. We will show you why.

Elden ring Malenia Santa Hat
Ho ho ho, ye Tarnished! | © Bandai Namco

Everyone and their dog loves Elden Ring, and rightfully so. It's an incredible game, a genius work of art that transcends the genre of Souls-likes to create something familiar yet new, universal yet personal. It rules. And you know what else rules? Christmas time. It's cold outside, warm inside, food and drinks galore, and the perfect opportunity to tuck into a big, fun video game. And Elden Ring is the perfect fit.

Praise The Yuletide, Ye Tarnished

Elden Ring is a Christmas game, but no one wants to admit it. It's not quite as bad as the Die Hard discourse, that movie is set in Christmas for Christ's sake! But yes, Elden Ring is a certified Xmas banger. It's just a bit hidden, as nothing in the game is quite obvious. You just have to look close enough, and you will see it though.

First of all, the most obvious clue: Santa Claus is literally in the game. We're obviously talking about everyone's favorite merchant, that boi Kalé. Just look at the guy:

Marchant Kalé in Elden Ring
Santa is in the house! | © Bandai Namco

Unfortunately, the developers forgot to have him hand out gifts to you. For shame! But he's doing the closest thing in capitalism: selling you his things for reduced prices! How kind...

The man Kalé is not the only clear and obvious hint though. You know the Three Kings, right? No, I'm not talking about Dark Souls here. I mean Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. You know where we also find a powerful trinity, that holds great power and blesses the hero with magical gifts? In Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Three Fingers
MY three kings... | © Bandai Namco

Yes, I'm talking about the Three Fingers. This one is pretty subtle, but thinking about it, there's no doubt in my mind. Oh, and giving a baby frankincense and myrrh? That's the most Elden Ring thing I could imagine. And I'm for a lot of people that feels like a mad curse, and we all know what the Three Fingers give you...

And let's be honest here: the Erdtree is just a glorified Christmas tree. It's way too big, it's shiny, everyone is oddly obsessed with it. Oh, and have you ever taken a closer look at Torrent, the magical flying steed? Looks oddly close to a reindeer, doesn't it?

Elden Ring Torrent
Torrent, the red-nose reindeer | © Bandai Namco

Ok, I'll stop here. We've had our fun. I love Elden Ring, and I love being tucked in over Christmas and dive into a big video game. And for that, Elden Ring truly is the perfect Christmas game.

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