Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass Just Became A Lot More Likely

Elden Ring is without doubt one of the best games to have been released in the last few years. However, despite FromSoftware's game being available on many platforms, it didn't look like Elden Ring was ever going to debut on Xbox Game Pass – but according to a recent message from Microsoft's Xbox Vice President, this could soon change.

Elden Ring Review
Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass: FromSoftware's masterpiece could join the gaming library very soon. | ©FromSoftware

Besides directly buying a game, more and more Xbox player are deciding to just subscribe to Xbox Game Pass instead. And why not when it includes hundreds of games, old ones as well as new ones, sometimes even day-one-releases like Atomic Heart.

And since Elden Ring is around for more than a year now, you might of course be curious if you can play Elden Ring via Xbox Game Pass now or anytime soon. So let's dive in – here's what you need to know.

Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass: Availability Check

The bad news first: Elden Ring hasn't been on Game Pass yet, and there are good reasons for that. The game was a huge success and was even awarded Game of the Year at the Game Awards, which will most likely have pushed the game's direct sales again.

Elden Ring Shadow DLC
An Elden Ring DLC is in the works, and having more people playing the vanilla game on Xbox Game Pass could be a win-win for selling the DLC. | © FromSoftware

Direct sales usually deliver the best economic results, so Microsoft and FromSoftware will have aimed to have as many people as possible buying the game before making it available on Game Pass.

But now, a recent development suggests that the time might have come for them to bring Elden Ring to Game Pass.

Elden Ring Could Soon Launch On Xbox Game Pass

The odds of Elden Ring showing up on Game Pass just increased a lot, and the reason for that is a tweet from Xbox Vice President Sarah Bond from mid-July.

The tweet shows two emojis, an elderly person and a ring, together with an #Xbox hashtag. Adding an image from the game a few hours later, Bond made clear that she's indeed pointing at Elden Ring:

While this of course isn't a clear confirmation that the game will come to Game Pass, there is now a good chance that this will happen, since the Xbox VP acted similarly before with other games were released on Game Pass as well.

And it would actually make sense to make it available for even more people, since FromSoftware is working on the DLC Shadow of the Erdtree – and the more people there are to play and enjoy the vanilla version of Elden Ring, the more of them will probably buy the DLC. We're pretty confident we will see Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass in one of the upcoming months.

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