F1 Manager 2022: Better Than EA's F1 22?

F1 22 Manager is the latest F1 game on the gaming market. We have played the game and think that it can be even better than F1 2022 from EA Sports and Codemasters.

F1 Manager 2022 Review
Der F1 Manager 2022 von Frontier Developments ist genau das richtige Spiel für alle Motorsport-Fans! | © PlayStation.Blog / Frontier

F1 Manager 2022 is currently thrilling all motorsport fans. The latest F1 simulation from Frontier Development offers completely new ways to get to know the wide world of Formula 1. You can't play through the game within a few days either, but you really have to take your time if you want to succeed. If you are looking for the ultimate challenge, you can become the new team manager of one of the financially weak teams in Formula 1, such as Williams, Haas or Alfa Romeo. In principle, you have to restructure and build up the entire team in order to be able to compete for the world championship of the top class in the long run.

In this article, we give you feedback on the game and explain why F1 Manager could be more fun than F1 2022. Lights out and away we go!

F1 Manager 2022 Is A Great Game

If you haven't got a clue about Formula 1 yet, you should probably watch Drive to Survive on Netflix before you start playing the manager game. Because the game requires certain basic knowledge. But of course, as a manager, you should already have a clue, right? Of course, you don't have to be an expert to play the game. All steps are explained to you in detail at the beginning of your managerial activity. Any dullard can understand that.

F1 Manager 2022 really convinced us, and we'll explain why.

F1 Manager 2022 Opens Up A New Perspective

The manager game lets you look at the F1 circus from a completely different angle. Until now, you could only get behind the wheel yourself in various games, but that's not possible in this game. In F1 Manager you can't drive yourself, you're only a manager. Makes sense, doesn't it? Because you don't have to concentrate on driving, you can get to know other things and activities. If you love Formula 1, the intro will give you goose bumps, I promise!

F1 Manager 2022: Team Boss With Many Tasks

As a Formula 1 team manager, you are never bored, and you rarely have days off. This game conveys that quite well. If you think that your tasks as a team manager are done with the race weekend, you've got another thing coming. You can, or rather must, do the following things as a team manager:

  • Manage drivers
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Maintain the morale of the drivers and the team
  • Develop the facility
  • Develop the car
  • Search, hire, evaluate performance and fire your staff
  • Satisfy board of directors
  • Achieve set targets
  • Manage finances
  • Engage sponsors
  • Achieve good results with the team

If you want to be a good manager, you have to keep a close eye on all these aspects and many more things. Otherwise, the ship is in danger of sinking with you as captain. If a driver or parts of your staff do not perform as well as you would like, you have to dismiss them and hire new staff. However, you have to think about this decision carefully and not make it hastily.

If Valtteri Bottas, for example, doesn't have a good season, then it's actually impossible to dismiss him beforehand because of his valid contract. Due to the 18,570,000 million euros, 16,814,848 million euros are guaranteed, i.e. that would be money wasted. You also have to extend the contracts of the drivers on your own. If you no longer want one of your drivers, you have to scout for a replacement early on.

F1 Manager has many rains programmed so that you can play several seasons as a manager. You can even play until there is not a single licensed driver left in Formula 1. But if you play for that long, you're a real addict. If your team doesn't perform as well as you want even after one season, you have to make changes. Otherwise, your chair will start to wobble at some point.

F1 Manager Bottas
Here is an insight into the finances of Valtteri Bottas. | © Frontier

F1 Manager: Exciting Races

If you're thinking: I don't want to watch the races, I'd rather drive myself, then you should at least watch a race weekend. The races are highly dramatic and exciting, the broadcasting is really well done for spectators. Sure, there will be a few weird scenes or bugs here and there, but the game is new, so bear with me a little. Once you get into the role of manager, you'll be rooting for your drivers every round.

Is F1 2022 Manager Better Than F1 2022?

The question of all questions. Is F1 Manager 2022 from Frontier Developments better than F1 2022 from EA Sports and Codemasters? We think that you can't really compare the games. And that's already in the name. In Manager, you are the team manager, in F1 2022 you are the driver. The perfect variant would, of course, be to mix the two games, maybe that will be possible sometime in the future with new technologies. But as detailed as both games focus on their respective tasks, a joint game would not be possible today.

In our opinion, however, no real motorsport fan should miss F1 Manager 2022 because no game has ever given such a deep insight into the "real" Formula 1. Of course, you have to be a bit of a fan of the manager role, but anyone who enjoys playing the Madden NFL 2023 franchise or the FIFA 23 career mode, for example, will be perfectly at home in F1 Manager 2022. And for those who find the management too much, they can get behind the wheel themselves and race around the tracks in F1 2022.