Games You SHOULDN'T Play With Your Family

During the holiday season it is important to spend time with family and friends. But there are some games you shouldn't bring to the celebrations.

Mario kart 8 deluxe
Popular and hated at the same time | © Nintendo

It's the most familial time of the year! Of course, when we as gamers spend time with our families, the question arises, what video games you can play together. Maybe my family is just very competitive or some of these games are just very bad picks. Now I am going to show you some games that really SHOULDN'T be chosen for family time.

Mario Party / Mario Kart

Super mario party
Destroying families with just some starts | © Nintendo

So this one is both very recommended and hated at the same time. For one, both are very easy games for family members that aren't used to gaming. The downside is, that they're partially very luck based. So many fights start with the unfair system of Mario Party and if you get hit by a shell from a certain someone in the last round of a race in Mario Kart, controllers might go flying. This is totally a recipe for nice evenings, isn't it?

Fighting Games (Tekken, Smash Bros etc.)

Tekken 8 news leaks info release date roster characters fighters
Beating up family might not really have christmas spirit to it | © Bandai Namco

Now another common pick are fighting games. Let me tell you why this is a bad idea. No matter how good you play, when your little brother wins by spamming one attack over and over again, the urge to try some of the moves from the game in real life feels justified. Sadly, the rest of your family might not see it that way.

Board Games Like Monopoly and Risk

Monoploy Madness
A classic game for absolut chaos | © Ubisoft

Do I have to explain this one? The fights families can have because of these games can be legendary. There's a reason they are often banned. No one wants a sulking parent during the holiday because you dared to buy the last railroad in Monopoly.

Lego Games

Lego star wars skywalker saga gameplay
Lego games are funny, but older siblings will suffer | © TT Games

So kind of from left field, but Lego Games are made to be played as a team. From just a look they seem like good games to play with a sibling for bonding. At least if the goal is to kill them after a few minutes, because they do everything but what the objective is. Believe me on this one as I have a lot of experience...


Overcooked game
No communicatio leads to a disaster in the kitchen | © Team17

This game might be a bit of a surprise to some. In recent years Overcooked has been highly recommended for families. Like a naive little gamer, I bought it for my family. Let's just say there were a lot of screams. Somehow, cooperating to cook some dishes can be really hard! Don't expect a chill evening with this game. One person from your family will turn into Gordon Ramsay and if you don't notice them, it's you. But who can blame you? It can't be that hard to just prepare the right ingredients, Mom!

So these are some of the games, you shouldn't play with family members. What are your no-go games?