Get One Of The Best Star Wars Games For Free Now!

Every week, Epic Games makes a few games available for free that you would normally have to pay for. Most of the time the line-up consists of semi-popular indie titles, but sometimes there are also AAA games on the list – just like the upcoming one!

BioShock, Tomb Raider and Star Wars: The Force Awakens gaming titles
Epic Games offers some games for free for a limited time – which ones are on the list next? | © EarlyGame

Typically, there are two ways of getting access to an AAA game: Either you just purchase it directly for a (usually) high price, or you subscribe to a video game library service like the Xbox Game Pass. What both ways have in common is that you won't be able to avoid paying for playing.

Luckily, Epic Games offers us a third option from time to time that doesn't cost you a single cent. In fact, Epic makes certain games available for free for a limited time every week – and sometimes there are really great titles on the line-up. So, let's take a look at which game you can grab for free this time and how to get it!

Epic Games Store: What's The Next Game That Becomes Available For Free?

From Thursday (November 24), Star Wars: Squadrons enters the online store and is free for a full week. Star Wars: Squadrons lets you control some of the most popular spacecrafts from the franchise, allowing you to enter the cockpit of both rebellion and imperial ships like the X-Wing or Tie-Fighter, and battling it out in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Spaceships Battling Each Other
You can get Star Wars: Squadrons for free in the Epic Games Store for a limited time. | © EA

Although Squadrons seems like a multiplayer-only game, it does in fact have single player. And the single player campaign is really exciting and worth playing, since you experience the story from both sides.

Depending on which shops you look, Squadrons is still sold for between 8 and 40 Dollars, so you can really save some money by claiming it for free on the Epic Games Store during the mentioned time window.

How To Get Star Wars: Squadrons For Free On Epic Games

Star Wars: Squadrons will be available free to PC gamers for seven days. After that, it will return to its retail price of $39.99.

To get it, simply do the following:

  1. Login or create an Epic Games Store account (the same one you use for Fortnite)
  2. Use the website or the Epic Game Launcher
  3. Search for the game's title to find it – the price shown should be 0 Dollars
  4. Hit "Get"
  5. It will now be available to download and play from the Epic Games Launcher
  6. Enjoy!

If you don't wanna miss out any of Epic's free games campaigns, just bookmark this page, as we will keep you updated about upcoming next free games!

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