Everything You Need to Know About GTA 6

GTA 6 is coming, but little is known about the next Grand Theft Auto. We sum up everything you need to know about GTA 6.
Gta 6 release date story characters setting
We have all the GTA 6 info you need. | © Rockstar

GTA 6. Nothing in the gaming world garners more hype than this title. Go on, I dare you to find something. Sure, you have your Witcher 4, your Red Dead Redemption 3, or your Elder Scrolls 6, but one is more geared towards the fantasy-loving culture, another is a slow Wild-West burn for mature audiences, while TES 6 went and alienated half the gamers by going Microsoft exclusive. GTA really is the pinnacle of mainstream gaming.

Still, despite sitting pretty at the top, Rockstar ran into flak with their lackluster remake of the GTA Trilogy and their upcoming GTA 5 re-release cash-grab. Now, all hopes are on GTA 6 to continue Rockstar’s gaming dominance, and since info on the game is hard to come by, we summarize everything here:

GTA 6: Release Date, News, Leaks, Story, Characters & More

GTA 6 Release Date

Update March 31:

There have been multiple leaks and rumors pointing towards a GTA 6 Release Date in 2024. This is of course still speculation, but according to business insiders, Publisher Take-Two seems to at least plan with GTA 6 around that time.


Currently, no release date for GTA 6 has been set, but the smart money is on 2024/25. There are many reasons to believe this: For one, 2025 will have given us well over a decade between the release of GTA 5 and GTA 6. For another, the recent Trilogy Remaster release, and the upcoming GTA 5 re-release are indicators: The Trilogy Remaster and GTA 5 are meant to keep us busy for 2022. Then, in 2023 we will be getting a Red Dead Redemption 1 and GTA 4 remaster to tide us over, while 2024 will be filled with GTA 6 teasers, until its eventual release in 2025. At least, that’s the common theory.

GTA 6 News

Update May 10:

According to new rumors and leaks, we could get a GTA 6 trailer soon. More and more details are popping up on the internet supporting this theory. You can read up on what exactly happened and when exactly we can expect the first full reveal of GTA 6 in this article.

Update January 25:

Apparently, we can expect a drastic police AI for the upcoming GTA 6 – or at least, a Reddit user has some seriously elaborate thought on what we should be expecting. He wants more realistic police AI, and we agree. You can read all about here

Update December 12:

A leaker now suggests that GTA 6 is in development hell. Read all about by clicking here, and see the Tweet below.


The most up-to-date news on GTA 6 are regarding its production: It seems like ever since Dan Houser left Rockstar, GTA has ran into some hurdles rather than taking them in stride like they usually do. From the concept, to the gameplay, to even the location… everything is, reportedly, a mess right now. That’s probably the reason why we’re not hearing much. Another piece of news regarding GTA 6 concerned its tonality: An insider claims that GTA 6 will be less edgy, less funny, and more cheesy than past GTA entries.

GTA 6 Story

Update April 5:

According to a new leak, GTA 6 could revolve around a pair of siblings, who were seperated after the death of their parents. Read all about that in this article.


There are some ideas floating around that the GTA 6 storyline will revolve around the player building a drug empire. Rumor has it that you’ll be playing both sides of the ball: Cops and crooks. It’s often been suggested that the game will span decades, and the only confirmed tidbit we have is that, seemingly, GTA 6 will feature a female protagonist.

Of course, that’s just one half of the rumors: Other rumors suggest a live-service game, while there are also enough leakers out there claiming the game will be set in the 80s, modern times, or maybe take place internationally – like in Europe.

GTA 6 Location & Setting

Update March 11:

Famed business insider Michael Pachter revealed some info on GTA 6, more concretely on the setting of the game. He corroborates one of the most persistent rumors, that the game will have multiple cities available, including one in Europe.


We touched on it above, but there are many settings rumored for GTA 6. The most prominent is The Americas setting, which suggests that the game will span all of America. Apparently, this is the scenario that Dan Houser was building around, before leaving the company. If the Americas setting is true, we can expect a Pablo Escobar-like storyline: Build a drug empire over decades, which spans from Vice City all the way to South America.

On the other hand, it seems that after Dan Houser left, Rockstar pivoted to a live-service game with a modern-day setting. Those two locations and settings are the front runners right now, but truth be told: The GTA 6 setting and location is all guesswork at this point.

GTA 6 Characters

Update April 5:

One of the most persistent rumors about GTA 6 concerns a potential female protagonist for the game, a series' first. This has once again come up in a new leak, which seems to reveal that the story will actually revolve around a pair of siblings. Read all about that here.


It seems to be generally agreed upon that the news of a female protagonist is legit, and will actually come to pass. Aside from that, some rumors suggest that we will be able to play as law enforcement this time around, while being able to switch between characters, just like we did in GTA 5. If the live-service game rumors are to be believed, though, we might also get a GTA with a custom character, much like GTA Online. That’d be sad, though, since GTA’s characters are some of the most memorable things about the franchise.

GTA 6 Leaks

Thus far, not much has been leaked. We’ve touched on the setting, locations, and character details that are floating around the web, but that’s about it. The only thing that comes close to a leak is a supposed screenshot from the GTA Trilogy Remaster, which people believe to be a glimpse at GTA 6. It’s a long-shot, but it’s not impossible either, and it would support a Florida setting:

GTA 6 Gameplay & Graphics

Update May 10:

A famed Rockstar insider claimed that the graphics of GTA 6 will be way ahead of its time. Apparently, Rockstar has been working on a major upgrade for their in-house engine called RAGE. So expect GTA 6 to look incredible.


In terms of gameplay and graphics, we can expect GTA 6 to pick up where Red Dead Redemption 2 left off. Rockstar has previously talked about the strides they made in AI development, and, if you’ve played RDR 2, you know how vibrant and alive the world was. There is no doubt that GTA 6 will up the ante, which is scary to think about, since the gameplay and graphics in Red Dead Redemption 2 felt about as complete as any game ever.

That’s all we have on GTA 6 so far, but we will keep updating this article as more news come in, so that you can truly stay up to date on Rockstar’s sixth entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. News are sparse and mostly leaks rather than anything official, but any gamer knows that speculation is half the fun of a new game release anyway.