Hogwarts Legacy Will Have Playstation-Exclusive Content

Hogwarts Legacy made a surprise appearance at the State of Play to reveal some Sony-exclusive content.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy
I'm excited for this, but... I'll take that shop, I guess... | © Hogwarts Legacy

Sure, Microsoft has The Elder Scrolls 6. Yeah, Microsoft might have Starfield too. But what is Bethesda against Hogwarts Legacy having a Playstation-exclusive quest that no one is gonna care about? Seriously, this was the weakest announcement of an already-weak State of Play, but... hey... it's still exclusive content, so let's analyze.

Hogwarts Legacy Gets Playstation-Exclusive Content

The content in question is a quest involving a shop close to Hogwarts: Hogsmeade. Yeah... a shop-quest.

Some woman by the name of Madame Mason is putting the shop up for sale, but of course there is a mystery to solve. This quest seems to take a dive into the odd and creepy, in the form of the haunted basement. Mannequins that attack you, hallways that expand... you know the uninspired unusual. Sorry, but there is nothing to really get excited about here.

The quest will be called "The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop", which is good to know, because now I know what to skip. Of course, the exclusive content also comes with cosmetics, and fancy special potion that reveals gear chests for everyone that pre-orders the game.

Well, if you weren't excited already, this isn't gonna change much, but any true gamer has long recognized that the rest of Hogwarts Legacy looks amazing. Hogwarts Legacy is still due to release for all systems on February 10, 2023.