Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Leaked

Hogwarts Legacy is releasing much sooner than we previously thought – we know that, thanks to the massive GeForce Now leak.
Hogwarts legacy release date
Rumor has it this beauty will be coming out sooner than expected. | © Hogwarts Legacy

UPDATE: A recent leak suggests that Hogwarts Legacy will be released on or shortly after April 8 (in our leak below, we claim it's March 8). The reason for that being that the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie releases on April 8. Of course, this is merely speculation coming our way via this source. If you ask us, we still give our story below more weight and more validity, but now you have the full picture.

Read the original story below:

We touched upon it in this article already, but GeForce Now had yet another leak. A couple of weeks ago, they accidentally leaked a number of games coming to the service. Many were doubtful, but then one of the things mentioned actually came true: God of War is coming to PC. With such a major part of the leak being confirmed, people were quick to put their pinches of salt away, and also, this latest leak is given some serious, serious, validity by the God of War confirmation.

We list the full number of release dates that were leaked in our article here, but the game you're here for is Hogwarts Legacy, and the release date for it is...

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Leaked

According to the leak, Hogwarts Legacy will be released on March 8, 2022. That does make sense, since the game is known to be deep in development, and we'll be seeing gameplay in December. If you compare that with Elden Ring, which just had its gameplay reveal, and is releasing in February, then March 2022 makes a lot of sense for Hogwarts Legacy.

If you're not familiar with Hogwarts Legacy, the game will take place long before Harry Potter, and will let you create your own story as a wizard. Dark, evil, good-hearted, Harry-like, even non-binary... it's all up to you. Absolute freedom in arguably every 90s and 2000s kid's most wanted playground: Hogwarts. That's the reason the game is coming in hot with so much hype, and knowing it's all due in March 2022... well, I feel a type of way, I'll tell you that.