Hogwarts Legacy Release Date & Trailer Details Leaked

We just received the wonderful news that Hogwarts Legacy is getting a much, much sooner release date than we were expecting. And we've even heard details about the next big reveal for this highly-anticipated title.

Hopgwarts Legacy Release Date
Hippogriff mounts confirmed. | © Portkey Games

UPDATE: It's official: Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023. The date was officially confirmed via Twitter. Since the game has already been postponed twice, we hope that at least this date will be kept.

Hogwarts Legacy is the new Harry Potter RPG that's been gaining hype since it's reveal in 2020. Well, it's not strictly a Harry Potter game; it's going to take place in Hogwarts during the late 1800s, so before the overarching story of Voldemort vs. Potter begins. I'm cautiously optimistic as a Harry Potter fan, and hoping this is going to be up there with the best of the HP games (Quidditch World Cup, Philosopher's Stone, and The Chamber of Secrets). It certainly looks like one of the highest-budget attempts to capture that world in recent memory, and divorcing the story from the Harry Potter timeline should open the writers of the game up to be more creative. But enough waffle from an aged fan still waiting for their acceptance letter, let's get to the release date.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

After much back and forth about whether this game was going to be delayed or not, it's now official: Hogwarts Legacy will be released on februrary 10, 2023. So only a few months away. They also had some exciting news about the next trailer for Hogwarts Legacy:

That extra tidbit about the skills and abilities being revealed in the next trailer is very exciting. That should give us a real idea about whether this game is going to give us combat-ready abilities. And besides having spells for combat, I'm also hoping we see spells from more classes than defense against the dark arts. If I want to grind divination, for instance, I hope that gives me something worth using later in the game.

We'll find out more soon, and we'll update you at that point.