Secret Hogwarts Legacy Location Confirms Impressive Feature

Reddit's detectives have pieced together a secret location in the latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer. We're going to be exploring the Black Lake! And you know what that means...

Harry Potter new Feature
Bloody hell! | © Portkey Games / Warner Bros

Harry Potter nerds rejoice, the day is almost upon us for Hogwarts Legacy to be released. But before then, we can still get up to a little speculating, and the folks over at Reddit have just come across something interesting. They did a deep-dive on the trailer, and they may have just discovered a location that would confirm a new type of movement mechanic...

Fans Discover New Location In Hogwarts Legacy?

We have to thank the Harry Potter expert and Reddit detective u/BNS_Victory for this one: if you blow up one of the high res shots of Hogwarts from the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, you can faintly see a cave connected to the Black Lake (sometimes called the Great Lake, it's the one with the Merpeople). Take a look at the images from u/BNS_Victory to check out this cave:

Potential cave under Hogwarts? from HarryPotterGame

Now, we know what you're thinking, "that's just where the first year's take the rowing boats to before the sorting". But as we've seen from other images of Hogwarts Legacy, they're going by "film-canon" and using a boathouse that leads to the Great Hall for the first-year's boats, not the cove from the books.

We think this might, in fact, be a secret cave that either leads from the lake to the Chamber of Secrets, or is merely its own secret area for exploration. And the fact that we will be exploring caves and lakes also confirms that we will get to swim in Hogwarts Legacy. This game is sounding more advance by the day, first dark magic is confirmed, and now this.

As Reddit user u/Bjorn_Aleswiller commented:

With all the ways for water breathing, that the books and movies give the wizarding world, there could also be a hidden underwater cave there too, just waiting to be discovered... I am, personally, very hopeful for some underwater exploration...

And we couldn't agree with you more Bjorn.

We're hyped about this game. Obviously, we've all been let down by Harry Potter before (the Cursed Child features a fight on the roof of the Hogwarts Express between Harry's children and the Trolley Witch), but this looks like the best Hogwarts we'll have ever seen in a game. Let's just dope they don't overdo the whole Ubisoft-style "enemy camps" mechanic in the castle.

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