Honkai Star Rail: How To Build A Team

Let's find out together how to optimize your team building on Honkai: Star Rail to get a significant competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Build your team and be the best. | © miHoYo

Honkai: Star Rail is a game that has captivated the hearts of many players worldwide. Much like in Genshin Impact, building a team is essential to progress through the game successfully.

However, building a team in Honkai: Star Rail can be a bit more complicated. In this article, we will discuss tips and tricks on how to build the best team in Honkai: Star Rail.

Build The Best Team in Honkai: Star Rail

Importance of Team Variety

The most crucial tip for building a team in Honkai: Star Rail is to consider variety. The game has seven Paths that characters follow, each with its predetermined roles. These roles range from DPS characters specializing in single-targets or AoE attacks, healers, shielders, and supports.

Building a team composed of only one type of character may work well initially, but players will face challenges as they progress through the game.

Players who build a team of only The Destruction characters, for instance, will find themselves lacking HP or overall protection, while those with only The Abundance characters will lack damage output. Therefore, a varied team with DPS, supports, and healers or shielders is the best solution.

Ideal Team Composition

For players who are familiar with Genshin Impact's team compositions, building a team in Honkai: Star Rail should be easier. An ideal formation to consider is having two DPS characters, preferably of different Paths and Elements, a support character for party buffs or enemy debuffs, and a healer or shielder.

Why and How Team Compositions Should Be Varied

Having two DPS characters ensures two strong sources of damage dealing against opponents. With varying Paths and Elements, these characters can cover more enemy weaknesses.

Players who employ a The Destruction character and a The Erudition hero, for example, can use both single-target and group AoE attacks, and with different elements, they can inflict Weakness Break to more opponents.

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Having a support character to buff the team or debuff enemies is crucial, as this can substantially turn the tide of a battle. They will also be another source of damage and capable of inflicting Weakness Break should their Element match any of the opponents' weaknesses.

Lastly, a healer or a shielder is essential when building a team in Honkai: Star Rail. Preventing damage to party members or healing them through that damage is crucial if players want to continue progressing through the game.

Another viable strategy is not using a support buffer or debuffer and employing both a healer and a shielder. This tactic ensures the team stays alive, though battles may take longer to end, seeing the strategic presence of a support has been dismissed for extra protection.

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Having the right team is key. | © HoYoverse

Adapting to the Situation

Despite the predetermined team compositions, building a team in Honkai: Star Rail is ultimately about adapting to the situation. Facing larger groups of enemies with many waves requires a The Erudition hero, whereas a single boss with a large HP pool is better countered with a The Hunt character, capable of Critical Hits.

Having different team compositions in Honkai: Star Rail is the best possible strategy, keeping players prepared for any type of situation.

In conclusion, building a team in Honkai: Star Rail requires careful consideration of each character's role, along with their Paths and Elements. Players must also vary their team compositions to ensure they are prepared for any type of situation.

Remember, building the best team in Honkai: Star Rail takes time and patience, but it will be worth it in the end.

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