Honkai Star Rail: 5 Genshin Impact Easter Eggs – Have You Discovered At Least One Of Them?

Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail are both games developed by HoYoverse, and the similarities between them are quite noticeable. However, there's more to their connection than just gameplay similarities. Here are five Genshin Impact easter eggs to discover in Honkai Star Rail!

Sushang hsr
Honkai Star Rail: Did Sushang find one of the following hidden Genshin Impact Easter Eggs? | © HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact obviously have a lot in common. How the characters work, how you level them up and of course the gatcha elements are basically the exact same as in Genshin Impact.

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Luckily, a super cool new story with a ton of likeable characters and the turn-based fighting does make it quite special. However, the new world HoYoverse created within Star Rail does have some hints and Easter Eggs hidden, that indicate the connection between said world and Teyvat!

Did you stumble across some of them already?

Honkai Star Rail: Genshin Impact Easter Eggs

Some of the following Easter Eggs are pretty obvious, others however, can only be found if you are paying close attention to interactions with NPC's and the according dialogue!

Let's dive into the very first Genshin Impact Easter Egg in Honkai Star Rail!

The Wings of first Flight

If that name is somewhat familiar to you, you will definitely be excited about this first Easter Egg! In order to find it, you just have to follow the main story quest, until you find yourself inside of Herta's Storage Units within Herta Space Station.

Hsr storgae zone wings
Honkai Star Rail:This is where to find the "Wings of first Flight"! | © HoYoverse

Inside, you will find several glass display cases, which are filled with seemingly valuable objects. In one of the said glass showcases, you will find the Wind Gilder “Wings of first Flight”!

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Hsr wings
Honkai Star Rail: Seeing those wings makes me almost a little nostalgic. | © HoYoverse

These Wings are the first ones you unlock in Genshin Impact, after Amber showed you how to use them in the tutorial. When you take a closer look and inspect them, your character will read the inscription that Herta made and some thoughts on them:

  • “A pair of black feathered wings hovers in the air about the height of a grown human, maintaining the appearance of flight. You imagine the figure of an adventurer flapping those wings and rising with the wind …

You should absolutely check out the whole story in game by yourself!

Quite sad we can't use those wing in Honkai Star Rail to flight over the city as well …

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The Story About A Traveler From a Different World

There is a fun little interaction with one of the booksellers in Belobog's over world. Find Fizz in the Administrative District, who has her little shop next to the huge statue.

  • To play the game the proper way, you definitely need the right outfit! How about this Dan Heng Hoodie?

However, you do not need to actually buy a book from her! Just ask her to talk about her book recommendations and select the genre “fantasy”. She will then tell you about a really popular book she enjoyed reading:

Hsr story about a traveler
Honkai Star Rail: The bookseller Fizz seemed to really like the story, maybe she should give it a try herself! | © HoYoverse

And who else who this traveler be, who is looking for his family, other than the main character from Genshin Impact! It's a really nice detail hidden away in a niche little dialogue option! Unfortunately, there is no real book, so we can't read into the story ourselves.

Let's keep our eyes open for the next Easter Egg!

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Paimon Is Everywhere

Yep, you read that right, even in Honkai Star Rail is Paimon always present. Well at least her words of wisdom.

Yet again, to find this little Paimon Easter Egg, head to the Administrative District in Belobog. This time however, use the “Golden Theater” teleport point. If you run straight down the stairs, you will find yourself in front of another huge staircase, but this time it's blocked off with a metal fence.

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If you try to pass it, a little inner monologue will pop up. These thought of our character can vary between nine different responses. So it could take some time, finding the one we are looking for.

After some tries, you will encounter this option:

Hsr paimon is everywhere
Honkai Star Rail: Is Paimon inside the fence? ARE YOU OKAY PAIMON? | © HoYoverse

Everyone who played Genshin Impact just a little, will immediately notice the most iconic Paimon voice line, which she says each time you are tying to enter a region you are not supposed to.

Even if said particular line tends to be rather annoying in Genshin, it's a quite cute detail hidden away in a metal fence in Honkai Star Rail!

Paimon always keeps us safe!

The Timmy file

You haven’t even set on foot inside the city of Mondstadt, when you notice a rather young boy who is feeding a couple of pigeons on a bridge. And no matter how many times you cross the bridge to Mondstadt, Timmy will still feed the pigeons there day in and day out.

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If you ever happen to talk to him, he will give you a rather sad answers, when you ask him about the pigeons:

“They do come back usually… But what happens if one day they leave and never come back again? Just like Daddy…” – Timmy

If you look into one of Natasha's patient lists in Honkai Star Rail, you will stumble across the the file Timmy:

Hsr timmy file
Honkai Star Rail: Poor Timmy hasn't been visited quite some time now ... | © HoYoverse

To be fair, that's an even sadder story than in Genshin, since he doesn't even have his pigeons in Star Rail ...

The Memory of Dust

Yes, I'm talking about the most useless 5-Star Catalyst in Genshin Impact!

Did you know that said weapon and Zhongli's Geo construct, which is floating around him all the time, resemble an old Chinese puzzle game called "Luban Lock"?

Well, you can find the exact same shape in Honkai Star Rail as well! To be precise, we are talking about the Hexanexus' on the Xianzhou Luofu:

Hsr hexanexus
Honkai Star Rail: The Hexanexus resembles a Chinese puzzle named "Luban Lock" | © HoYoverse

Since the Hexanexus in Honkai Star Rail is a puzzle as well, the shape is quite fitting and a nice little detail to explore.

Those were all the Genshin Impact Easter Eggs in Honkai Star Rail! Did you stumble across one of them already? The one about Timmy really is sad ...

If you need more details on Honkai Star Rail, you should definitely check out our other articles on the game! Pretty sure there is something interesting for you as well!

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