Honkai: Star Rail Light Cones Guide | The Best Light Cones And How They Work

In Honkai: Star Rail, there are many ways to boost your characters' stats and make them stronger. Since each character has its own weapon equipped right from the start, there is an alternative to common weapons, which are called “Light Cones”. How Light Cones work and where you can get them will be explained in this guide.

Honkai star rail light cones
In Honkai: Star Rail you can equip Light Cones instead of weapons. | © HoYoverse

Light Cones are a type of equipment that all Characters can equip. They are the equivalent of weapons in other games and provide stat bonuses to the equipped character. There are a ton of different Light Cones to fit your character type and play style, but since it is a gatcha game, you have to be quite lucky to get the one you desire.

Honkai Star Rail: How Do Light Cones Work

Light Cones have, just like weapons in Genshin Impact, three different rarities: blue (three star), purple (four star) or gold (five star), with blue being quite common and gold being really rare. You can equip Light Cones to your characters like weapons.

Light cones explained
Light Cones are card-like weapons to fit your characters path. | © HoYoverse

They will provide certain stat buffs, and when matching a character’s Path, also can provide powerful abilities.

Find out about the paths in Honkai: Star Rail to ensure you equip the right weapon!

Just like characters, Light Cones can get upgraded and the stat buff that they provide to characters will be increased. So don't forget leveling (1-80) them as well since they are an important part of your unit's kit.

How To Get New Light Cones

Basically, Light Cones work just like normal weapons in other games or even characters. You can pull them on a special Light Cone Banner in the gacha system. You can also receive them on the regular banners when you try to get a specific character.

Light cones banner
You can pull for Light Cones on a special Light Cone Banner. | © HoYoverse

Not only that, but you can unlock Light Cones across Honkai Star Rail through natural progression. You’ll get Light Cones from completing quests and casually exploring what Honkai Star Rail’s world has to offer.

The best Light Cones are, for obvious reasons, the golden, 5-star Light Cones. Some even fit a specific character, like you can see in the picture. “In the Night” is the 5-Star Light Cone for the current limited character “Seele”.

Other 5-Star Characters and their corresponding Light Cones:

  • Bailu – But the Battle Isn't Over
  • Bronya – In the Name of the World
  • Clara – Moment of Victory
  • Gepard – Night on the Milky Way
  • Himeko – Sleep like the Dead
  • Welt – Something Irreplaceable
  • Yanqing – Time Waits for No One

How Do Light Cones Work

You can equip Light Cones just like weapons.

Light Cones effect explained
Equipping Light Cones provides characters with a lot of stats and bonuses. | ©

On the right side, you can see, from top to bottom:

  • The name of the Light Cone,
  • The path it fits to, in this case it's Preservation
  • The level that is currently has
  • The pure stats it provides to your character
  • The effect, if the paths of your character and your Light Cone matches (it is green if they do fit and gray if you equipped it to a wrong character)

You can also upgrade your Light Cones by fusing two of the same together, making it more powerful. The “Superimposition” shows how may Light Cones you fused together. In this example, it would be just the one.

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This wraps up all you need to know about Light Cones and how you can equip them. You can check out our Warp banner Guide to learn more about the Light Cone Banner.

We hope you have some great luck with your pulls!

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