How To Get A Red Lightsaber In Jedi Survivor

No matter what you think of the prequels, we can all agree that Darth Maul is a badass and he has one of the coolest lightsabers ever. Thankfully, we can make this lightsaber in Jedi Survivor. Yep, you can unlock red lightsabers, here's how.

Jedi Survivor Red Lightsaber
Yes, you can get a red lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor. | © EA

In Star Wars: Jedi Survivor we get to take on the role of rebel hero Cal Kestis (when the game permits). Now, being a Jedi, he uses a blue lightsaber by default, but this get's boring pretty quick. And, frankly, the Sith have always had a better taste in lightsabers.

Thankfully, we can change the color of our lightsaber in Jedi Survivor, and we can even choose the infamous color red. However, we can't make our lightsaber red from the beginning of the game at any workbench; you actually need to unlock the red lightsaber. Here is how to unlock the red lightsaber in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

  • If you're loving Jedi Survivor but you didn't play the last game, we highly recommend checking it out!

Unlocking The Red Lightsaber In Jedi Survivor

To unlock the red lightsaber in Jedi Survivor you need to complete the game and then begin New Journey+. This allows you to play the game again from the beginning but with everything unlocked, including red lightsabers.

Unlocking the red lightsaber in Star Wars jedi Survivor New Game Plus
To unlock the red lightsaber you sadly need to complete the entire game and then start again. | © EA

Sorry fellow Jedi, we wish there was an easy way to get this for you, or some kind of exploit. But there isn't, you just need to complete the game and then start again.

What lightsaber color will you choose? Or are you more of a gardener than a fighter?

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