Is Honkai Star Rail The Sequel To Honkai Impact 3rd?

Honkai Star Rail and Impact 3rd have similar names, so many of us ask themselves, if the new game is a sequel. The answer is not as obvious as it seems.

Honkai Star Rail 5 Milllion
Honkai Star Rail and Impact 3rd... are they sequel and prequel? | © MiHoyo

One big question many HoYoverse fans have about the new game, Honkai Star Rail is, if it is a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd. With both being titled Honkai there must be some connection between the games. The answer is a bit of yes and no, so let's look at it a bit closer.

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Honkai Star Rail - Sequel or Not?

One thing I can make clear really fast. Honkai Star Rail is not a direct sequel to Impact 3rd. Even though they share a similiar name, the stories are msotly separate from one another, and no knowledge of the older game is needed to enjoy Star Rail. While it might be nice to know it for some nods to it.

Both games do take place in the same universe. This is why both have Honkai in their name. Further, the games share similar concepts and some familiar characters. Those are Welt, Himeko and Bronya.

In an Interview with ONE Esports the developers had this to say about the connection between the two games:

“We’d like to emphasize that Honkai Star Rail is not a direct sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd, but a new game for everyone. Except for Welt,
every previous character in the series will show up with brand-new identities in Star Rail, so players do not need to worry about its connection with other games.”

So you should see the Star Rail more as a spiritual successor instead of an outright sequel. I am sure there are some Easter Eggs and details only Impact 3rd players will notice as a nod to them, but the game is truly made to stand on its own.

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